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Monday, August 9, 2010

"Your Ad Here"

Hello everyone! I can't believe that it is week eight already! Can you believe how fast this quarter has flown by?!?

Anywho, here is my week eight blogging assignment. =)

Watching TV:

I cannot even believe how many advertisements I saw during watching an hour of tv. I watched Covert Affairs on USA tonight at 11:00 pm. Covert Affairs is a new show on USA, it. is. awesome. You should totally watch it. Anyway, I lost advertisement count at 20. I got tired of counting them. But there were so many more than that. One thing that was particulary frustraiting about the advertisements during the hour is that they just kept repeating. I saw lots of advertisments for other USA shows (such as Psych and White Collar), and a lot of Geico commericals. I knew that there were a lot of advertisements on television, but I was overwhelmed by just how many there were when I actually started counting them. It's horrible! That's one reason that I love DVR so much! lol. I don't think that the advertisements would have a huge effect on the viewers because they were mostly for other USA shows. The advertisements might make the viewer want to watch those shows. I didn't particulary pay much attention to the advertisements this evening because I was talking to my husband during the commercial break.

Listening to the radio:

I listened to the radio for just over an hour yesterday afternoon while on the way to my fathers house for a cookout. I was surprised at just how few advertisements that I heard. I was listening to T-100 (100.3). T-100 has a 50-minute music hour, meaning that they only have 10 minutes of commercials every hour. It seems like the generally split them into 2 or 3 blocks throughout the hour. I do not tend to pay a lot of attention to radio commercials. I usually just turn it to another station. I think that the advertisements on T-100 would be more likely to influence people than tv advertisements because the ad's are very local. Most of the advertisements come from businesses in small towns throughout Licking County such as Utica, Johnstown, and St.Louisville. People from these areas are much more likely to pay attention to ad's from their small areas.

Surfing the internet:

I surfed the internet for an hour and encountered countless advertisements, mostly on facebook. Everytime I visited a new page on facebook, or refreshed the current page, I would see three new advertisements on the right hand side of the page. I also encountered 3-4 ads evertime I went to the main page of my freebie/money saving blog, Momma Smells a Deal. I also encountered many advertisements while searching for freebies on the internet to put on my page. I also encountered several advertisements everytime I used a search engine, and I use swagbucks to seach before I go to any page so that I can earn more points, so I saw a lot of search engine ads! I bet that I saw over 150 ads, and that is low-balling it! I don't pay much attention to internet advertisements because I feel like the majority of them are very misleading, or will cause problems (such as viruses) on your computer if you click on them. I think most people feel the same way, and therefore are not easily influenced by internet advertisements.

Reading the Newspaper:

I go through the newspaper every Sunday because I love couponing, so the Sunday Dispatch is a must have. I hardly encountered any advertisements there because they are very easy to avoid. Most of the time I do not even notice them. Unless you count coupons as ads...then I encountered a bizzion and one of them. I often flip through the mailers from some of the stores I like, if you consider those advertisements. However, when I think of newspaper advertisements I think of ads that are printed in the newspaper itself. I guess it's just an opinion. I do not think that people are very motivated by newspaper advertisements these days. Most businesses do not even advertise is the paper anymore. The only people who would be motivated by newspaper ads are people looking in the help wanted or the classifieds.

Long Car Trip:

I haven't taken one of these lately. See radio post for best example.


  1. I do the same thing with the Columbus Dispatch! I pull out all of the coupons and keep them, if I have time I will look at the weekly ads but not always. When I listened to the radio I didn't hear very many advertisements either and I was trying to pay attention so I would not miss any; I think the amount of ads vary greatly depending on the time of day. I love my DVR also - it cuts at least 20 minutes off an hour show!!

  2. I know the TV had the most advertisements for me in 1 hour. I could not believe this either. I usually change the channel when a commercial comes on because it is not something that interests me. Yeah when I'm listening to the radio I turn it mostly to another channel to hear more music thats why I love CD's. I was on Facebook and everytime I went to a new persons page there were different ads each time. To me it can get nerve wrecking a bit because I want to see what it is I'm searching for not have pop-ups interrupt what I am looking at or all the ads. Yes I agree I think most people only read papers for the jobs or vehicles now-a-days. Well now my brother he loves reading the newspaper and he follows the topics about the politics. I only like ads if it is something I can use other than that I will not pay any attention to them.

  3. Yeah, facebook has tons of ads. But I will say that it seems like most pages don't do as many pop up ad's as they used to. I feel like I used to get attacked with pop-up ad's every single time I went online. Now most of the ads are to the side of the page. Much better IMO. =)

  4. MommaFreebie: Yes Facebook does have many ads. Whenever you click on a new page there are 3 or 4 ads. Ya I noticed there arent as many pop-ups but they are still there. Yes thats how I felt to! I would be looking at something and all of a sudden heres a pop-up. Yes definitely much better now.

  5. MommaFreebie,
    I felt the same way about newspapers. Their ads are very easy to avoid and really don't have much power to motivate purchases. These days, people want flash and excitement. They don't want boring black and white. I simply do not watch TV. I can't even stand to hear regular TV playing in the background. I hate nearly everything that is on TV these days. Every time a commercial fires up I want to light the television on fire.

  6. I'm wondering, do you think because the ads in newspapers are so easy to avoid and because we are exposed to so many more flashy ads everywhere else, this contributes to the struggle to make money newspapers are facing today?

  7. I think that may be part of the reason that they are easy to avoid, but for me personally it is not the main reason. I think it is because they don't place them in the middle of everything. They are "tastefully" placed, if you will.