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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The World of the Paparazzi

I honestly cannot get over the fact that we rewarded a group of border line sleaze balls to stock our celebrities. Magazines pay people to do something most anyone else would be arrested for. Every time I hear of a celebrity getting upset and going off on these people I have to smile. I could not imagine sitting down at a dinner and have somebody sitting in the bushes hoping to get a shot of me with mustard on my chin. I personally hate tabloids like US Weekly http://www.usmagazine.com or the National Inquirer http://www.nationalenquirer.com/. We live in a time where our screen or sports heroes are under such a microscope that we don’t have any true heroes any more. Prime example of that is Tiger Woods, yes he messed up, but honestly did we need to know every little detail about it? How can we even be sure what we are hearing is the truth? Do not get me wrong, I do not see anything wrong with maybe seeing or hearing about them partying or maybe an open wedding, but they cross the line when they try to sneak into a closed wedding or a child’s birth, and do we really need to see everything Britney Spears or Paris Hilton has to offer? I just do not see why as a society we need all this information. I personally believe we need a true hero. Someone we can hang our hat on. And, then treat them as one, and not strip them of all dignity over a bad day, or a single bad decision. Who out there has yet to have an off day, or made a bad decision?

All this being said, I do believe there should be boundaries should be set on what the paparazzi do. These celebrities are people too; they have the right to their privacy just like me or you. When is enough, enough? I am sure there is the argument that they chose this life style. But, what is the cost of being famous? A total loss of privacy? Maybe I am way of base hear but this is how I feel. Thus, due to this, I have lost all trust for just about any media.

On a different note, this class has been kind of fun. It definitely brought me out of a comfort zone and allowed all of you to read my work. Thank you all for not being too harsh on me. Good luck in all of your endeavors in life.


  1. I have to agree with you, i don't think we need to know every little detail about any public or famous person. We don't know if its the truth or not. I would really hate to be their shoes.

  2. Very well said, Jason. I completely agree with you on all counts. I don't need to know every detail of the lives of Paris and Britney anymore than I would want to have everyone know my business. Good luck to you!

  3. Funny I mentioned Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in my blog as well. I really do not need to know anything about these people expect that they have more money than me and still can't seem to behave like normal people. I guess money makes it alright to act like an a**. Good work on the blog.

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. It is sad that we cannot log on our computers or turn on the TV and hear about some spoiled brat doing something stupid. Dont you all wish we had the cash to be that dumb.