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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week Ten

From the newspaper, to the internet, to the television, to the magazines and to the radio, you always hear of some story about a famous figure. On the question whether or not the paparazzi should leave the people in entertainment and politics alone, vary from person to person. In some eyes, people wonder why someone is paying people to stock the famous people when if someone else did it, they would be arrested. Others will say, these people wanted to be in this and they knew what they were getting themselves into. The paparazzi are the price they have to pay.
The famous figures are the role models of many children, teenagers and even some adults. Many people want to know everything about these famous figures. In my opinion, I say just leave them alone. I am getting sick and tired of hearing about some famous person overdosing, getting in a car accident and etc. Sometimes, it hurts others that are in the business. I also agree that they knew this was going to happen so they should not really complain about it. Going back to the role model to many people in the world, if one behaves then one will not get a story out of the person. I guess money drives them mad.
As for protection from paparazzi, I have to say that one needs to have some free time away from everything. I have to say when someone is at home, they should not be bothered. Home is where the heart is. It is not a place for someone to get a story or picture from. Someone has to think though about the rights of the paparazzi. They have a right to take photos, right stories and etc. It is their job. They have to live too. In conclusion, famous figures should have protection from the paparazzi and some areas should be left alone so they can get away from everything. I have to end by saying this. These people knew what they were getting into and should not complain because of the paparazzi. They can just behave and be role models. The paparazzi cannot get anything that would cause trouble for them if they just do that.


  1. I agree with some of your points. I agree that the paparazzi do have the right to take pictures of celebs, but there should be a line that shouldn't be crossed when they are in their own homes. Home should be a place of comfort and protection, where one can feel truely safe. If not that, what is a home at all?

  2. I also said that. I agree that one should be left alone at home. I said that when someone is at home, one should not be bothered. I believe that a home is where the heart is and not where someone gets a story or picture from. Everyone needs freedom from work.

  3. I agree nobody should be taking pictures of anyone in their homes, this does cross the line.
    Home is definately where the heart is!