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Monday, August 23, 2010

Week Ten

I am truly on the fence on the topic of paparazzi giving stars privacy. I think that no matter what your profession is, you or your families lives should never be put in danger. Even as a public figure, there should be the right to be in your own house and yard without your privacy invaded. I know that there are laws against this, however paparazzi still have manged to take famous people's pictures with powerful lens. Such as Jennifer Aniston which a paparazzi climbed her fence and used this high powered zoom lens to take her picture in her back yard. This should not be tolerated. However, I think that it is the responsibility of the public figure to pay and pursue protection, not the government.

I also feel like famous and public figures, know what their role is and should take measures to try and lead a private life. Usually, the stars and politicians that get bombarded by paparazzi, are the ones that are out there causing scenes and getting into trouble. This is what creates the high attention frenzy that the paparazzi go out to get their pictures, and get paid such great amounts for.

In my opinion, public figures should expect their pictures taken while in the public eye. If they have their family out, or it is clearly not just a publicity stroll then common courtesy says leave them alone. Like I said, dangerous measures should never be taken just for a photo to be taken of someone. These people are just that... people. They were born into this world just like the rest of us.

Public figure's role should end when they walk into their door, and on their property. They deserve privacy too, and if they ask to have some they should get it. Who doesn't want a little time to themselves? Even those with the most money would not want to be stuck in rooms or homes because they can't go out without getting swarmed by photographers. Their children didn't ask for that either, even if the parents are putting them in that position. Others should think about that.

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