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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

week seven Sarah Anderson Television 8/4

The two shows i chose to compare were the 227 and The Parkers. The first thing I have noticed about the two are that the sitcoms of the eighties were more about real life and love and seemed more realistic. The sitcoms of today seem to be directed more towards comedy and have a more laid back approach to life and love.

Back in the 80S it seemed that men and women were more interested in making each other and their family happy. In the sitcoms now women are always sad and in bad relationships. The cultural differences between the two are the differences in the clothing worn and people also put more importance on hair these days. Hair styles of the 80"s sure were something else.

The ethnic make up of sitcoms in the eighties ws more segregated than it is now. In sitcoms from the eighties there were not many black and white interactions. In the sitcoms now there are black and white people interacting more frequently, and even living together in peace.

There are similarities in the scripts of both shows. there are also differences . A few of the similarities are the story lines, and the cast members have similar personalities. A difference between then and now is the music for the beginning of the show. Many shows used to have singing and music in the beginning. Now there is music for the most part with maybe a small part that is singing. Now shows have the characters on the screen some dancing. Before all you heard was the music and maybe seen a picture of each character.

I would say the cultural differences are few between these two shows, but you certainly can tell the difference in the times


The Parkers


  1. I totally agree with you back in the 80's the shows were about love and family as opposed to today shows it is more on a sexual note and about bad relationships. Definitely the clothes and hair has changed since the 80's. Now-a-days its is all about how people dress and how good their hair looks. That is true back then there were no interacial relationship shows like there are now. I think it is awesome to have shows with interacial dating or marriage because we as society need to look beyond the color and look what is on the inside. Personality makes a person not the color. I teach my family we love and accept everybody and treat everybody with respect. Yes the music is different and I didnt realize that good point. Your blog is very well written good job!

  2. Thank you Sara hill for your comment. i like the fact that you teach your children about equality. in many homes this is not discussed and that is why many children have a problem accepting someone who is different from themselves.