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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week Nine!!!

The Inter-Web

The Internet, what a marvelous invention! What did we ever do before the world was pumped into our homes and left at our figure tips? I am a little older can well remember the days before the net. If you needed to do research you had to go to a place called a library, or look up things in the weird sets of books called encyclopedias, how primitive. The first time I ever used the internet was way back in nineteen hundred and ninety eight, I think. I remember an old girlfriend helped me set up an electronic mail address. She was going off to college and I lived close to that library thing, they had one of them-there fancy computers things. I don’t think I ever really used that email address but maybe a couple times, I had a phone in my apartment. But, times have drastically changed, and through boredom and the fact that everything is now on computers so have I, mostly self-taught I might add. I now have two personal email addresses, one for school and one for military that all get checked daily. Not, to mention that a lot of my bills are now paid online. I don’t even have a payment book for my truck payment. Also, I am always following the activity in my checking account via the net not that there is ever much activity. And, I am capable of taking these things apart and fixing them along with some minor trouble shooting. Most of my household uses the internet for more professional things like school and such, however then there is my fiancĂ©e’s little sister, who’s eighteen, who spends her days on social sites like MySpace http://www.myspace.com/ and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ . I personally do not see the attraction to this. I mean putting all your personally feelings and info out there for any and every one? That’s just not me I guess. Maybe I am just too old for that.

However, speaking of the social sites, my step father who, is a very young 75 years old, just set up his own Facebook page This is mind blowing considering he fought the idea of even having a computer in his house. After he broke down and bought one it set for almost three years before he would allow the internet to be hooked up. Now he is a self-taught internet wiz. If you want something bought or sold via EBay http://www.ebay.com/ he is your man. He has been known to spend hours in his computer room just surfing the day away. This isn’t a bad thing, at 75 his back hurts a little more and his hands don’t work as good, so why not play on the web? We all just find it funny that the man who was so against a computer is so hooked now, he is even considering getting a laptop so he can watch TV from his couch and do his web surfing.

I am sure this is not the case for every older person. If fact my mother who is 59 isn’t as tech savvy as Al (my step father). Older folks don’t even mess with web, or computers. My barber is 84 years old and told me he has never been on the internet, he has no need. So yes in that aspect there is a divide there. I am almost positive that divide is shrinking and will continue to shrink over time as we all inevitable age, well the rest of you age anyways, I am counting backwards now for my birthdays.

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