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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week Nine

I use the internet daily, for most everything that I can use it for. My fiance is always telling me that I spend way too much time online and I need to spend more time offline and out of the house. That seems like a nightmare to me! lol. I think I learned to use the internet in middle school, I believe it was in 8th grade. I did not actually start using the internet frequently until around 9th grade when research was normally assigned with online sites listed. I did take a class on internet usage in high school, however most of what I learned was self taught. I found it to be very easy to learn how to use the internet considering that is was still new when I was learning.
My father just recently began using the internet. He still calls me in the middle of the day to come over and fix the computer or talk him through doing something. When I asked him what he thought of learning the computer, he said that he wants to learn just what he has to do, and nothing more. He actually uses my email address for the games he plays online just because he doesn't want to have an email address for himself, claiming he doesn't know how to use it and does not want to learn.
I think the divide is closing, but not yet closed. By the time my children are in college I don't think the divide will exist anymore, but for now there are still "old-timers" who either do not know or do not want to know, how to use the internet. My aunt actually refusing to use the internet and does not like her children using it either, saying that the internet is the easy way out. She wants her children to work for their education and doesn't believe that being able to look up anything they want to online is actually learning anything other than how to use Google.


  1. Your Aunt is somewhat correct about the internet making things easier, but I have to say that there are far worse things being used in the schools today. Think of the calculator. Many of the kids in school do not even know all of their times tables. When I went to school it was a requirement to have a full grasp of all the times tables and have it completely committed to memory. Nowadays, many kids use a calculator for the simplest of problems. As far as Google is concerned, I love it. There is such a mass of knowledge available that would have meant weeks or even months of research to find the same stockpile of information that can be accumulated in a few short hours. Just the other day, my wife was able to identify a strange wasp that the kids found with just a few mouse clicks. Your fiance is right, get out of the house and soak up some sun before winter hits :)

  2. Great post! I agree that the gap hasn't yet closed because of those that are not willing to learn or haven't learned. While the internet makes things easier, it provides great resources to children and people, not being able to use it is sad, thats why its there. It is almost like saying "using the microwave" is cheating on cooking, because it is easier. I like the microwave. :)
    Anyways, I think that the internet is a great invention and everyone should and will eventually use it. It is already everywhere, sooner or later it will be at every job.

  3. Shawn- I agree that calculators are not necessarily a good thing for younger students to use, but in upper lever math, it is a godsend to have one at your disposal... And I agree that using the internet can be beneficial, but it can also be (like anything else) overused, and some people can even suffer addiction to using the internet.

    Natessia- I hate to say it, but I am one of the people who say using the microwave is cheating. I do not even buy microwave popcorn if i can avoid it, stove-top popcorn is SO much better. And while again I agree that the internet is not a BAD thing, and is spreading like wildfire, a world dependent on anything, internet included, can end up being a disastrous thing. Just think about what would happen if the internet went away, how much would you lose?? Kinda scary huh?