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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week Nine

Do you remember when you were in school and everything was written by hand? When you had to know how to spell and were unable to use spell-check. Even though, I am young in age, I remember those days. Now, it seems that everyone is yelling at the computer for being too slow. Don’t tell me, you haven’t done that at least once or are you someone that is thinking why even bother with it? It seems time has passed quickly and our world, well at least United States, cannot live without a computer. As I grew up, the only place I used a computer was at school. It was not until 8th grade when I started to use the computer at home. We had a computer at home and I used it, now and then, but it never crossed my mind to use it all the time. In elementary school, everyone wrote everything and in middle school that was when we had an option to type or write our school work. As for me, I would write most of my work. That all changed when I was in 8th grade, when we had to type everything and hand-written work was unacceptable. This is when my journey on the Wide World Web started to grow. I knew how to use the internet but since it was slow, because of dial-up, I did not use it often before the 8th grade. Now, I could not imagine the world without the internet. I use it to blog, chat with friends, play games and do school work.
As for the people in my household, they are my grandparents. My grandfather is in his 60’s and besides his age, one would never guess that he grew up without a computer. He uses the internet for e-mail, paying bills, doing taxes, playing games and even blogs with his close friend in a league he is part of. As long as I can remember, my grandfather could always find his way on the internet. It was never a challenge for him to learn.
My grandmother is the complete opposite. Besides cleaning my grandfather’s computer keyboard and screen, she has never laid one finger on a computer. She tells me, it is a waste of time. The computer is an easy street to an answer. It is better for someone to do it by reading a book or trying something new. Someone would never know what they might find out about them self. That is her motto. My grandfather always says that it is because she never tried it that my grandmother says those things. My grandmother just fights back and says the computer is no use to her. Sometimes, I wish I was like my grandmother. It would be nice to live without the computer and internet. Finding the answer in a book, writing a paper without Microsoft Word or WordPad, receiving or writing a letter and doing other things rather than wasting time on a computer is very rewarding.
Some people may say that there is a divide between generations. I will say there is not. I have a pen pal, close to my age which is nineteen, that does not know how to work a computer. She uses it to type papers for school but anything else is lost to her. She said that there are many people her age that don’t use a computer or internet and they get by just fine. My grandfather knows how to use the computer and internet as well as he knows to brush his teeth every day. It is not a divide between generations. It is the fact of how someone has grown up. Time may change that but in my opinion, there is always going to be someone, no matter what age, that does not know how to use a computer, use the internet or will never use it. I may be wrong. We will just have to see what the future brings. Until then, in my household at least, you will hear someone yelling at the computer or for the internet being too slow. As well as someone thinking why even bother.


  1. Sarah Lynn,
    I agree that the gap that may have once exsited has shrunk considerible. I don't think the computer and internet is as scarey as it once was. Technology has become increasing easier to use. I use to be a horrible speller, but I have become better thanks to Microsoft Word. Now I am just a terrible speller lol. Oh and mail was nice when I was in Iraq, But Email was so much faster, when I could find a place to get the internet. It definatly made life easier.

  2. I agree with you. It is not as scary as it once was. I believe almost everyone is a bad speller. I know I am. E-mail, I agree, is faster and makes life easier but nothing is going to beat opening a letter and seeing what they have to say. Also, writing back to the person is such a joy.

  3. Good post! I also believe that it's not the generation that don't use computers, it is how they have grown up.Some older people do use the internet and a computer everyday, on the other hand my grandma and grandpa never used one their whole life and never will.