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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week Eight

Ads Here, Ads There, Ads Everywhere

This assignment was very challenging for me. I cannot remember the last time I didn’t either change the channel or fast forward though a commercial on TV or radio. I try to record shows with my DVR as much as possible to save time and avoid commercials. When I drive I normally have my finger by the stereo to change as soon as a commercial or bad song comes on. But, I was able to push through for the given assignment, and I wasn’t shocked at all, I am always changing the channel. No matter where you turn there is an ad of some sort. I am currently watching a baseball game and I can count 12 ads in one shot at ironically, Progressive Field. Behind the plate there are normally 2 or 3 and the one billboard changes as the game goes on.

As for my log I sat down and powered through 60 full minutes of TV on one channel. During that hour there were 36 ads totaling a total of about 16 minutes. The show I watched was CSI Miami (hoping to see the investigation of Lebron’s murder) on A&E at 5 pm. The ads seemed to be targeting the hungry with most being for restaurants the rest was for prescriptions, cleaners, and make up. Gee, I wonder who they were targeting.

When I listen to the radio, unless it is on in my garage or shop, I normally change the station quite frequently. I have noticed though that a lot of stations seem to have a 3 song to 3 minutes of commercials ratio. I hope that isn’t exact but in a half hour drive it seems like I hear about ten minutes or so of commercials.

Driving is a little different here in the sticks. From my house to the school in Coshocton, see about four billboards, not a whole lot. But, there is always an auction sign or yard sale sign if those count. I do get out more and notice several billboards and I seem to read them so I guess they are working.

I don’t read the newspaper much however; I went through this week’s Sports Illustrated (surprised?). In that magazine of 114 pages there are 28 pages of ads. Of course these ads target guys. I guess I do find this a little surprising because I do pay attention to a lot of these, wishing for the smart phones with the NFL app. and such.

As I surfed the web this week I lost count of all the ads I saw, bad log keeping. I normally don’t get any pop ups due to my blocker. However, I always get a kick out of some of the silly crap the put on the sides, and at the top of my Yahoo e-mail. The ads on some of the sports pages have gotten me to buy tickets, and check out the team shops.

Advertisements in general work. The most productive are probably the ones we don’t notice like when we are driving. What I mean by that is normally we do notice them but pay little mind to them until a few more miles down the road and have that sudden urge for McDonalds fries. Or, like when you are watching a movie and suddenly want a Coke, when you normally drink Mt. Dew. No matter what the ad is whether it’s something lame or whether it is really good, they always seem to catch our attention, even if we are just laughing at it, it’s doing its job.


  1. Jason - You do what I do, change the channel or radio station. I know they say repeating ads is good, but it gets old fast for me. I get tired of hearing the same ads over and over again. It was also hard for me to sit still for an hour in the evening when I had sat all day at work. Good post.

  2. I also change the channel, I can't stand listening to ads. Good Post, Ads on the road catch my eyes also. If it's McDonald's, I try to ignore it lol:P

  3. Thank you for your comments! Surf on Channel Surfers!

  4. Jason, I also try to change the channel, but when my children see toys on t.v or a sign then I hear about them for weeks. AHHH!! It makes me really not like advertising like that, McDonald's is another one, whenever my daughter sees the big M she just HAS to have chicken nuggets and not ones at home..lol

  5. I too change the channel on the tv, and radio station when commercials or ads come on. I don't mind some commercials but can't stand to hear them over and over or interupt something I am interested in.