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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week Eight

How many ads can one hour bring? As an American we learn that it is okay to get what you want and get it now. Since, we are the country that is the country of freedom, one would think that one can get the money and get the thing that is being sold. We are hardly a country that proves that saving is the way to go but to buy and spend. You can see that in the government now days when it seems that all they want to do is spend, spend and spend when we do not have the money. This is one of the main reasons why we see so many ads. In the internet alone, I saw over forty ads in one hour and watching television, in one hour alone, I saw twenty-one ads. In some other Medias, the XM radio, I heard ten ads, reading the newspaper, I found twenty ads and finally riding in the car I spotted fifteen ads. I am not surprised at all at seeing many ads. Growing up in this day and age, I am use to it. As for reading, listening or watching the ads, I do not pay much attention. It is just there and I go on with my life. It does get kind of ignoring to have to spend so much time watching the ads but sometimes it can be funny on how far a business will go to sell their products. I heard of a saying that when a person has seen or heard it seven times, this person will become interested. Seeing or hearing the ads of products and services, after a while, a person will become interested and want to get the service or product. I believe the influence in the ads in this time period is also a big reason why so many companies produce ads. As for influencing me, it does not affect me one bit. I am a person that has to do research on the products but also I only get things that I really need or get something because it will help me in the long run. The ads don’t grab me and make me buy the product like it does for some people. It is right to only get things that will be useful and something that is needed in that time of life. Our country, in my opinion, needs to learn to save the money and not spend it like crazy.
The channel I watched was Fox News. XM Radio, I listened to the Catholic Channel and as for the newspaper, I read the Catholic Times. For the traveling, I was mostly on the freeway and in town. Finally, some of the websites that I went on and saw the ads were Facebook and Myspace. Some of the ads that I found were for cell phones, car dealerships and restaurants. Some of the ads were not products and services but of supporting some kind of lifestyle or a person running for office but most of the ads were of products or services.

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