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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 9

The use Internet at my house is use for all kinds of information, websites, schooling, playing games, and paying bills online. The use of Internet has change over years. I grew up with computers all of my life. The technology has changed and the Internet has improved every year. When I first started using the Internet we use dial up and now there is DSL and wireless. Now days a four or five year old can operate a computer and Internet better than someone who is over 50 or 60 years old just because the they didn’t have the technology like it is today. I would say the younger kids or the young adults’ access and use the Internet a lot more than the older generation. But there are people who are over 60 that do use the Internet. My dad is one, but he is the one who introduce me to computers and use of Internet when I was young and had kept up with the changes in the technology. As for someone like my grandma she is 86 years old and never had use of computers. She talked to me about it one day she said if she ever gets a computer she would push a wrong button and mess it all up. Then she would just call me up and tell me come over and fixed this. She just sticks to the basics in life.
Overall, the Internet and technology has change through the years just as the world itself has change. Whether you are young or old, everyone uses the Internet for some purpose.


  1. Dial-up is so obsolete now and I remember how slow it could be and even loosing the connection. Funny how we have such great technology as DSL and wireless but in rural and some not so rural areas they still use dial-up. I used to live in Summerfield, that's in Noble county, way out in the sticks. It took 45 minutes just to get to Wal-mart, anyway one place I lived I have DSL move across the street and down a few homes and I could not get DSL. It was not offered at that address. What I was told is because of the lines, you can not make a connection with a lot of turns in it. I have not idea what they meant by that statement but I guess the company just did not want to take the time. One nice thing about dial-up is if you have a battery on your computer and you loose electricity, you can still get on the internet. Good post!

  2. I find the same reasons for using the internet as you and in a small way it makes it sad because it gives people the excuse to never get out at times, their truly isn't to much you can't do or have done, while getting online. They even have grocery shopping online now and delivery, ugh...wow now that makes me feel lazy even thinking about it! Hahaha! But it is what it is, and we do need some of these innovations because it makes life simpler, I just worry that it will make this world even smaller than it already has become and leave people stuck on their chair without getting out and doing the things they need to do to stay healthy and well alive, in the symbolic since to live is to see and to see is to do, you know? But I just wanted to say I found a common ground with your post. Thanks,

  3. As I read the other post, it seems that everyone uses internet for everything. I have to agree with you that internet has change. I remember when internet was so slow that no one could do nothing. It seems that every age is coming to know the internet even what you said four and five year olds. I have to disagree with you on the last saying. Not everyone has a purpose to use the internet. There is people who do not want to use the internet or computer. My grandma is one. Anyway, great post!

  4. I have to say that I also know many people who would be lost without the internet, but I also know people who would rather live without. There are quite a few of my older aunts and uncles who just don't use the internet, and my father who only does maybe one or two things and other than that does not even want to know how to use it. There are probably more people who love the internet than not, but the ones who are holding out are still out there.