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Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 9

My family consists of my daughter Alexis whose 12, Natalia whose 8, Ethan whose 5, Rosalie whose 1 and I. We use the Internet in many ways. My kids like to use the Internet to play games such as Club Penguin, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and many others. Alexis also uses the Internet to stay in contact with her friends on Face Book and gets on Youtube. I use the Internet to do my online classes. I use the Internet to look up different recipes, countries, stores and to plan our vacations. I use the Internet to stay in contact with my friends on Face Book. I also use the Internet for directions on Map Quest to get somewhere so I do not get lost. We use the Internet for entertainment as well as to learn.

I was not exposed to the Internet until I was 14. In school we had to do research for a project and that is when I used the Internet. At first I thought it was difficult because the Internet provided so many links just to find one thing, I did not know which one to use. Then once I became familiar with the Internet my friends and I would get on the Internet to look up our favorite model back then Tyson Beckford. We thought it was the coolest thing to look him up and listen to music.

I called my mother who is 56 years old. My mother told me the first time she used the Internet was when I started my schooling back in 2001. When she used the Internet it was to look up recipes or information about her interests. No the Internet is not part of her daily life. Since 2001 she maybe got on the Internet a total of 5 times. My mother said,"She is not a computer person at all. Back in her time there were no Internet or all the technology that is out there today. She does not even text on her phone. If people want to talk to me they can call me". My mother said,"I thought the Internet was challenging because there were too many links and it was frustrating with all the pop-ups when she used to get on it". My mother will ask me to look up different things for her because she does not like it. Plus she is not familiar with computers so that may play a part in why she does not like the Internet.

I do not believe there is a divide to be found here. My family and I are all big on using the Internet for recreational or learning purposes. The Internet will continue on getting bigger and bigger because they just keep adding to it. Without the Internet I would be lost because it is so convenient to shop, to look up music, to research and just to have fun. The social effects will just keep getting bigger as well because many people are finding family on the Internet. Many people are using the Internet to date or find their significant other. Many people use the Internet just to talk with family and friends on Face Book or My space. The social scene is huge on the Internet but people please be careful if you are trying to find someone to date online. Really do background checks and really get to know the person before you decide to meet each other. Online dating can be very dangerous. Sorry I just wanted to add that in there!



  1. I think there is somewhat of a divide between generations using the internet, but that it will continue to get smaller. My children love to use the internet to, that is usually one of the first things my 5 year old asks to do every day, "Mom, can I get on toontown now?" It is amazing at what you can do on the internet!

  2. Years ago I would think there were a divide between generations but now-a-days more and more older people are turning to the internet. My uncle whose 75 years old gets on the Internet and he found relatives in England he did not know he had. More older people are getting on the Internet for games and to find relatives. Omg, my 5 year old son is the same way he will ask as soon as he wakes up before he even eats breakfast. Or he will ask 20 times a day to get on the Internet. It is very amazing what people can do on the Internet and thats why it will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

  3. Dear Sarah and Heidi,
    I always enjoy your thought-provoking posts, and you both always make me want to respond.
    I tend to believe that just about everybody under 40 uses the Internet regularly. After that, the older you are, the less the Internet is a part of your life. That being said, if you are a parent with kids at home, or vice versa, then generational differences about Internet use are much more evident.

  4. Hi Mike, thank you for enjoying my posts. Your right many people under 40 use the internet regularly, but maybe the older a person is the more they would use the internet. For instances people who are older may turn to the internet for their shopping needs because with them being older they may not be able to drive. Thats what is so beautiful about shopping online you can do this at home or anywhere. Many people use the internet for various reasons not just for networking or looking things up. To me I believe the internet is for any person at any age. I know when Im older I'll probaly use the internet more because if Im too old to drive the internet would provide various ways for entertainment. Thanks Mike for your response I enjoy conversating with you on our blogs.

  5. S Hill - Your mother sounds like mine. She just recently started texting on her cell. She always said the same thing your mother did about calling her on the phone if they want to talk with her. She seems unsure of the changes happening in technology today. She still asks questions about her cell. Now those questions relate to the internet since we got her hooked up. She seems to enjoy exploring on her own though.
    The one thing I don't think I could do is find a date online. That sounds scary to me.
    Great Post!

  6. Hi Janet! I know I tell my mother she is silly. if you text you dont have to listen to me complain. My mom does too and she'll get so mad because I'll tease her with love of course. Exactly, I could not go online dating. It is very scary and you dont know who you will meet. Thats what I try to tell some of my friends not to.