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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 9 Internet

I was exposed to the internet when I was in seventh grade. I will never forget it. We had a computer class that was "required" to take to pass into the eighth grade. While I was in this class, I learned a lot about the internet and pretty much how to type. We played many different games to teach us how to type and use the internet. Ever since this year, I have been using the interent. I remember when my friends and I were in middle school using the internet. We would always look up the movies playing for that weekend. A huge thing when I was in middle school was MSN Messenger. This is a chatting system where you could talk to your friends. At this time it was a big deal and I was on it everyday, when I was home from school. My parents are both younger. They are in their mid 40's. I think this age group of people are definetly a lot better with computers than people 60 and up. This middle age group of people had to learn how to use the internet for their jobs. Most jobs now, can't be done without the internet. My mother only uses the internet for her work and while shes at work. When she gets home, she is never on the computer. My father does not deal with computers during his work day and he doens't even own one at his home. I don't know how he lives because there is no way I could do this!!

I talked to my grandmother about this, and she is 65 years old. My grandmother doesn't even own a computer, never has and according to her, never will! lol! She doesn't like all the "complicated" stuff you have to do on a computer. She has been a stay-at-home mother since she graduated high school, so she never really had to use a computer. So knowing this, my grandmother came to my house and I tried to show her how to work a computer. She didn't like it at all. She doesn't really have patience for it. It comes easy to me because I grew up learning how to work a computer. Coming from someone that's never been on a computer could frustrate you.

I think there definetly is a divide here. Most older people don't even own a computer in their home. Some do, but rarely you see it. Parents with younger kids, are pretty much quarenteed to have a computer of some sort in their home. I'm not really sure if the gap will narrow any. I feel like at a certain age people think to themselves, " I haven't used a computer this long, why start now?" I believe it will change in the future. I think around 50 years from now, we will see a difference. Most kids are now being raised with a computer in their home, so when these kids get older, they are not going to get rid of a computer because they will rely on it too much. I know when I get older, there will always be a computer in my house. I honestly don't think there are any social effects with not having a computer. My grandma and grandpa understand more than I do and most the time know a lot more of what's going on than I do. Back in the days , they didn't have to have a computer to get through college. Today, you can do it without a computer but it would be very hard. You rely on a computer so much that we don't even realize it. I use the internet for a lot of things and it definetly makes things easier.


  1. Do you find it accurate to say most older people do not have a computer? My dad who is 78 my mom is 76 and my husband granny who is 75 all own computers and utilize them. Heck even my 92 year old step father has one. I feel that more and more older people are attempting to utilize these options of online use to their benefit. Maybe we could say some people aren't interested in computers. I don't know what do you think? Surely we cannot say one age group is more on target with computer usage; everyone is different and depending on their our initiative we never know what someone can do until they try.

  2. Yeah, I believe older people do use computers. Computers can benefit everyone. Depending on how the older person grew up and what their likes and dislikes are with computers would determine if they use them or not.