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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 9 - Internet

I live with my daughter and son-in-law who have one laptop and one desktop computer along with my laptop. There are also two color printers that scan, copy and fax. I use my laptop/printer mostly for school work and sometimes I send myself work files that I don’t have time to handle during the day. I will do work at home and then email the files back to myself at work. I have three email accounts that I check daily, a face book account, and do online banking. I download music and watch TV shows also. My daughter is a Financial Advisor; so her desktop computer has work files that she can access, her home budget, online banking, watches TV shows, downloads music, face book and email accounts. Her laptop is used the majority of the time by her husband who posts racing blogs, hooks up the laptop to the TV and watches races on the big screen, and instant messages with friends.

I was first introduced to the web by my daughter when she bought her first computer in 2000. I learned quite a bit from just watching her or asking questions as she was working. I have taken classes and explored and learned on my own. You can find pretty much anything you want by a click of the mouse.

My brother-in-law is 63 years old and has never used a computer. He says there is no reason for him to learn and he wouldn’t use it anyway even if he was taught. His wife uses it for her home business only. He says he doesn’t know how to turn on the computer and he doesn’t want to learn.

I have got in the habit of using the internet for pretty much everything, where he doesn’t think he would like the experience of learning how to use the web. If he can’t find what he wants by calling or asking around, one of his children will use the web to get the answer for him.

I think the divide will be bridged because more and more people are depending on the web to connect with others. The number of people using the social networks available will increase through the years. The web is also allowing more online classes to be offered, along with another way to pay bills or shop.

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