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Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 9 Blog - The internet

In my family almost everyone, except for my two year old uses the internet, and I’m sure she will begin soon! I use the internet for work, school and pleasure. I use it to look at blogs, research items, clip coupons, check out movie times, get directions, watch television and listen to radio. My husband uses the internet for schoolwork, check out sports scores and sometimes to research or look into something. My three oldest children ages 15, 13 and 5, use the internet to play games (especially my 5 year old), to access Xbox live, facebook and email. I was first exposed to the web when working for Marriott Vacation Club in Lakeland Florida and I started using it for work. I quickly found out how much more the web had to offer besides email.

I called my mother who is over 50. She uses the web to email, do research, shop, compare prices, and recently to use facebook. The web is a part of my mom’s daily life; she rarely goes a day without using the web. She was first exposed to the web several years ago, my brother and I showed her how to use the web and some of what she could do. Since then she has really explored on her own. She has found it a little challenging at first but that it was fairly easy once she got the hang of it.

There may be a little divide between my mom and myself when using the web. I use the internet more often, know little tricks that she does not know (like the other day I was explaining bookmarks to her) and I’m faster navigating my way through the websites. My mom does know a lot about the internet and she is learning more all the time, she was surprised that she could even watch television on sites such as www.hulu.com or www.abc.com. I think that the divide between generations using the web will continue to narrow, you can do almost anything and everything on the web, so more and more people will be able to use it. I think most adults and children use the web almost every day. I know most days I get on it for one reason or another, the only time I may not access the web is when I’m on vacation, but I still use my blackberry for email. As the generations shift, the divide will continue to diminish. We will be the "older" generation who uses technology regularly and our children will have been using the web since they were little!

I think the social effects would be that the richer, more influential people will have access to the newest, best technology when accessing the web; while the poorer people may not have access to the internet or web at all, unless they go to a public place such as the library. The difference can even be seen in schools, the schools that have more money have more technology – they may even have enough computers for all their students; the schools that do not have the money may only have a couple computers in the entire school. In today’s technology driven world the students with access to computers and the web will have an advantage.


  1. In my household everyone uses the internet too except my one year old. I tried to show my mom and she said this it too much she will stick to the old fashion ways. Lol! I agree the divide will narrow because many people young and old are using the Internet for various reasons. I think it is very important children learn computers and how to type. I wish I paid more attention in my typing class then maybe I could type faster. I agree people with money have more access to the best of things on the web but the simpler things are just as good. Yes the students with access to computers will have an advantage because even in jobs everything has turned to computers.

  2. Great observations and great post Heidi...

    My (much) older sister is 60, and uses the Internet daily. She lives several hundred miles away. We regularly keep in touch and share pictures via e-mail. She uses it for communication.

    Although I still don't have a Facebook account, my 60-year-old sister loves Facebook (she even does the farm thing).

    My point is, there might be somewhat of a generational blur of Internet use, even within some families.

  3. Mike: You see it doesnt matter young or old will use the internet. I would think much older people would use the internet more because they can't drive and visit family as much. On the internet family members can send pics and even talk face to face on webcams. Mike you should get Face book it is such a fun, safe way to talk with friends and family.

  4. Heidi - My mom is 75 years old and decided it was time to get a computer and learn. My daughter taught her the basics and now she loves it. She recently opened a facebook account to be able to converse with all of the family more easily. I have a nephew in Iraq that we all connect with via the internet also. Seems everyone in my family now is on the web daily. Great post!

  5. Shill - sounds like our mom is the complete opposite of mine :) I agree the more computer knowledge our children have the better - they will need it! Mike that is true, every family is different, as far as internet usage! And I agree you should try facebook it is a great way to keep in touch. Thanks Janet - isn't facebook a great way to keep in touch! I love the fact that my family and friends can see what my family is up to, and enjoy our pictures even though they live aross the United States.

  6. Man, I wish my mother was as up to date as yours, they are about the same age! My mother is very old fashioned. Even though she does use the internet from time to time, she would have no idea how to shop, pay bills, or email!

  7. Michael- My mom does all that online :) It is amazing how different they are. My mom has old fashioned values, but is very much modern when it comes to technology -she had an ipod before I did!