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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 9-Beveridge

In my house my wife and I use the internet in abundance. My kids are still way to little to use a computer and we have two laptops so we dont have to share lol. I use the internet for school mostly, doing homework and most of my classes are online. I also use it for research, looking up the news, youtube, ebay, sports and facebook. My wife uses the internet for most of the same reasons mostly facebook and getting the current news. My Uncle in close to 60 and uses the internet more than I do. He looks up local sports on jjhuddle and works from home as an accountant for a company in Mansfield. He has two computers one is his and the other is for work. It is linked directly to the companies mainframe and he can balance the books and print the paychecks all from the comfort of his home. He first bought a computer in 95 right around the time the internet first came out and he learned how to use it along with my generation. I was 10 at the time so the schools started teaching us how to use them so I would show him what I learned and that is how he got exposed to it. My grandmother is 70 and uses the internet mostly for facebook. She recently got remarried after my grandfather died in 05 and her new husband likes to travel so that is how she keeps in touch with everyone. She was exposed to the internet in the early part of the decade after she retired and was at home bored.

I feel the gap is already closed. The baby boomers use the internet some, generations X and Y created it and grew up with it and now our children are exposed to it from birth. There will always be some gap however. My uncle refuses to use a cell phone much like my father refuses to own a credit card. The new generation will always have a new toy the older generation will not want to use or know how to use but that is the way things go you either learn and adapt or get left behind. I am sure that by the time my oldest daughter is in the 3rd grade she will know more about computers than I will as the curriculum changes and they have become more previlant in our lives. Our dependency on the internet has lead to its usefullness and popularity and it will only grow and become more of a force in our lives. Many high schools now offer online classes soon a campus and the fear of highschool will only be a memory.


  1. I think it is so funny that older people are using their computer for Facebook! I recently saw my ex's mom pop up on my "people you may know." This woman is on Facebook in her 70's, but she did not learn to DRIVE A CAR until she was in her 50's! Amazing. I love that your Grandma can keep in touch while traveling.

  2. That is funny, my mom is so computer illeterate even though she uses one everyday at work that I have to set everything up for her and every time she gets a new computer she calls me every 10 minutes for tech support lol. Oh well I am sure when I am her age I will be calling my kids becuae I cant get my virtual reality to work.