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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 8

Watching TV

I don’t watch TV much when I do watch TV commercials would come on from time to time and I get tired of them because too many of them. When a good show is on, for example, WWE Raw on Mondays when a real good match would be on and then it gets interrupt by commercial ads ruins the whole match. I am surprise how many ads that air in one show. I would like to see less commercial ads. I don’t pay attention to commercial ads as much, but some ads like progressive insurance that advertises insurance for a low price could be valuable for people looking for insurance. I believe commercial ads influences the public to buy or look into what the commercial ads offers.

Listening to the radio

Listening to T100.3 sometimes has more ads then music. I like to listen to music more than hear ad after ad Play one song then have 5 or 6 ads before the next song. Some ads could be valuable for example the local news, weather or what happening in your local area
Surfing the Internet

Surfing the Internet is one of the biggest influence to public. Everyone is using emails to communicate with one another. Some use the Internet for online school or do research on a topic. When surfing the Internet ads pop up about Netflix, car insurance, or online schools. Facebook is one of most popular websites for keeping in touch with family and friends. When logging on facebook they have several ads on the side and some games show advertisements before the games are played.

Reading the paper

Back in the days, reading the local or national paper use to be popular. Now you read the paper on the Internet. When I use to work for the Newark Advocate, I use to read the paper a lot. They always listed ads on cars, appliances, and list the local garage sales. Also they would list the local jobs in the area or surrounding area.


I recently made a trip to Georgia to see my grandma who was is in the hospital. We drove twelve hours and saw so many signs and billboards. We saw signs to buckle your seat belt it’s the law. They had different billboards that advertise hotels at different prices. Also gas stations offering different prices and restaurant signs as well.

Overall, there are many ways to advertise. Companies advertise their product or company to sell to the public. Whether it’s using commercials on TV, the DJ on the radio, the dozens of emails, the ad in the news paper, or the sign on the side of the highway; the company will influence the public and get the people to purchase


  1. Andrea- I think is depends what time of day you listen to T-100 as to how many ads you hear. The ones I heard were mostly local, which is good since it is a local station.

    What dept at the Advocate did you work in? I work there in the Finance dept.

    Good post

  2. I work in the packaging dept.

  3. Good post, there is advertising everywhere and I also believe it does help companies sell their products.