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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 8

Although advertising is a big part of marketing for local businesses, I have a hard time not tuning them out. Sometimes the ads can be obnoxious, irritating, or down right boring. I have a hard time saying that because I know someone had to have put the time in creating and making that ad, but let's face it, some of them can make you ask out loud "Really?, the only thing that ad is going to do is Not buy it".

While I was logging my advertisements while watching television, listening to the radio, surfing the web, and reading the paper, I became even more aware of just how much I do tune out most commercials. I had to back track after turning the radio station to go back and listen to the commercial, while listening to the radio.

Watching Tv: I usually don't have a lot of time to watch tv but I sat in on my husband and kids while they were watching. This had an impact on the type of ads I have to report because of the channel they were watching. My husband was watching Golf, so there were commercials that were directed towards those that are interested in Golf. Commercials were of investment firms, brand names of golf apparrel and equipment. Also, noticed in the background the sponsers of the events were located along the sides and had constant "were sponsered by" announcements going to commercial breaks, as well. This also goes with out saying that all golfers were sporting their sponsers while they golfed. On Disney and Boomerang, the ads were more of Toys, reading, and music towards kids. I counted at least twenty five different types of ads and commercials. These types of ads have no effect on me, but they sure do on my kids. I am constantly hearing "MOM! I want this!" and "I have to have That!". Occassionally I will also hear it from my husband.. haha. I will admit, that I will think something sounds good after seeing it advertised on tv.

Radio: On the radio stations since I often bounce back and forth or listen to my ipod or cds, just so I don't have to listen to the advertisements, I heard it felt like a hundred of them! The radio stations are local so the commercials were of insurance companies, retail stores, construction companies, local businesses. This can help the local businesses by getting their name out there, so I am sure it is a good idea.

Internet: I also use a pop up blocker so I don't have pop ups but on search engines, facebook, myspace and even store website you still have advertisements along the sides of car companies, credit card companies, mortgage companies, banks, movies like netflix. I often try to tune those out as well.

Reading the paper: I only buy the local paper here which is the Mount Vernon News. There are several different advertisements from local businesses in the paper. In the areas that are classifieds and throughout the regular sections of the paper.

I was not surprised by the amount of advertising but it was hard to sit through them. I am so used to turning the channel or muting the tv, blocking pop ups or just looking over advertisements. I know that some people don't do this, and often it helps businesses to advertise. I think that people when they need a specific service will seek out these ads, and the ones with the most detailed information often helps.


  1. I agree, some ads are like "Are You Kidding Me!" Reading through your post brought a lot of memories back. I remember when I was young and saying to my grandma,"I Want That" not really looking at what it really is. Now, as what your husband does, my grandpa drives me nuts when he said, "That's a great gift there", as he watches his golf. It does get ignoring to have to sit and listen some of the ads. Sometimes I wish they would go away but it is funny how they try to sell services and products now days. Overall, Great Post!

  2. I find that to be very true indeed. Alot of ads can be less informative and more of a deterance because the message that was supposed to be given was not done with the right creative touch and did not present itself in a way that the audience can focus in, instead of tuning out! It should always be about the target market and find the common ground so you may recieve the right positive feedback! Great Blog and great job!

    Tim Murphy