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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 8

During my time watching the television I encountered multiple advertisements. I was watching A&E Dog the Bounty Hunter. I would have to say that there were at least 6 commercial breaks within two thirty minute episodes. I encountered Insurance ads, Gold ads, as well as advertisements for upcoming episodes on A&E. I am actually not surprised by the volume of advertisements/commercials on this station. They actually were not very long breaks in between as opposed to stations such as MTV where the commercial breaks seem to be about five minutes long. Normally I would be watching television via DVR, so I would be fast forwarding though all commercials. The influence I think the advertisements would have the public is hard to say because I believe there is a lot of people out there just like me, who DVR their shows specifically to fast forward through the commercials. Although, those who actually watch the commercials without switching channels may be interested in the low cost insurance ads, they would not be such a big industry if people were unaware of there presence.

Radio- I listened to 610 WTVN talk radio. During the commercials for this station were all pretty much dealing with debt reduction, working from home, and gold investing. I was not surprised by the number of ad placed in between segments considering that is how they pay the bills. I listen to the radio on my phone, so I change the channels less than I do while watching the TV, plus I cannot DVR the radio (yet). I listen to the radio daily, and pay attention to the ads, yet they have never made me want to check out what they are selling. But, that channel in particular is geared more toward and older audience, so I believe the older generation may pay more attention to the ads and take action than those who are younger.

Newspaper- I read the paper online. There were about 10 ads. It seemed the Netflix ad popped up frequently, and there were ads at the top, side, and bottom of the page. I am not surprised by this at all. In order keep things going, ad space is something that had to be there. Every time a Netflix ad, screensaver, or college education ad pops up, I exit it without even reading it. I would think most people do the same because if they wanted to know about Netflix they would have googled it.

Driving- I actually drove out of town and was in the car for two hours and encountered multiple advertisements, everything from restaurants, beer, and gas stations. In no way am I surprised by this. They are pretty hard to avoid, so paying attention to them is not that hard although you only see them for a few seconds going 65 miles per hour. I think the general public in influenced greatly by highway ads, more so those who are driving long distances. For those driving a significant distance, cheap gas, cheap food, and lodging is something that will easily catch the eye.


  1. The one thing I do not miss about television are the long commercial breaks such as MTV's. How many approximate insurance ads do you recall? I know that when I did have television I got sick and tired of all the insurance ads. While watching television I was definitely a channel surfer when it came to commercials. Your blog is well written and has some good details. Keep up the good work.

  2. I also dislike commercials I do however endure them to watch the shows on A&E. I also enjoy the dvr feature on my TV, it is so nice to be able to skip right through the commercials. Some times I really wonder is it necessary to have so many commercials I know that the people who make the commercials are the sponsors for the shows but man six commercials in a half hour is equal to about twenty minutes of show.

    About the Net flix if that pops up all the time it is usually a virus trying to get in.