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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 8

Advertising – Television

I tuned into ABC Family Monday night for Secret Life and actually paid attention to the ads for the first time. There were a total of 40 commercials during that one hour show. The majority of the commercials during this show were advertisements that focused on teenagers. There were ads for JC Penney teen school sales, clips for movies with PG13 ratings, Neutrogena acne scrub, Verizon Wireless, Burlington Coat Factory back to school sales, HP ink, Direct TV, Pizza Hut, State Farm, Subway, www.abovetheinfluence.com, Big Lots, Arby’s and lots more.

I was surprised to see a pattern among the timing and the types of commercials. There were 8 minutes of show time and then 4 minutes of commercials.It was timed like this for the whole hour of the show. I normally would not watch the commercials. That is when I would have taken care of other things around the house. I think the ads might have had teenagers’ attention, but maybe not many adults because most of the ads were geared to teens.

Radio –

I borrowed my daughter’s MP3 player to listen to the radio for an hour. I tuned into T-100, the local radio station. There were a total of 16 commercials from 9pm to 10pm. The ads were for River Valley Mall, Daily Motorsports, Ohio University, COTC-OSU, Coughlin Auto, Creno’s Pizza, America Heart Association, and several more.

It seemed like a lot of ads for one hour of radio time along with playing music. There was also a station identifier after every other song before the commercials started. I don’t normally listen to the ads on the car radio, I just change stations. The ads at this time of evening are geared more to adults, but truthfully these ads didn’t impress me to go out and buy anything advertised.

Internet –

I surfed newarkadvocate.com and facebook.com for an hour. Between the two websites there were a total of 13 ads. During my time online I viewed ads for Red Lobster, Colony Square Mall, Ohio University, Papa John’s Pizza, Liberty Mutual, and First Federal on the newspaper website. On the Face book site there were ads for Match.com, Blockbuster, Farmers Insurance, Play Doh, Bing, Discover, and Ancestry.com.

There were about the same number of ads on each website that covered food, insurance, schools and banks. I wouldn’t normally view the ads, but I noticed some of them because of the color and text size. There were a few that were catchy and informative. Some of the more colorful ads might influence some viewers, but I can’t say all viewers will notice.

Newspaper –

I actually read the Newark Advocate yesterday instead of going online to get the news. I found a total of 13 ads in the two sections. There were ads for Direct TV, The Weathervane Playhouse, Newark Healthcare, Hollywood Theaters, Tri County, Hospice of Central Ohio, Schneider Trucks, Easybath, Balloonfest, Energy Co-op, Medical Center of Newark, Main Hardware and McHugh Dodge.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of ads, which surprised me. The ones that were there weren’t that eye catching either. They were small and done in black and white. I don’t believe many people would have noticed them unless they were looking for them.

Road signs –

I counted billboards on my errands I did after work. There were a total of 5 billboards with ads for Adornettos, Carnival Foods, Action Staffing, McDonalds, and Park National Bank.

They were bright and catchy billboards that attracted the eye. I think these ads might influence some passerby’s due to the bright colors and information included on the billboard.


  1. Janet,
    When I read the newspaper, I thought the same thing! I assumed there would be so many ads that I would lose count. I think that was an eye-opener for me, too. Another thing that came to my mind as I looked at the billboards while driving...we have many digital ones that show about 3-4 ads for each billboard. How would we count these?? Good post and observations!

  2. Thanks Andi - You are right about the digital billboards. You count maybe 2 and you've passed it before you can read any of the others? What purpose do these ads serve?

  3. Great Post! I never paid enough attention to the ads on Tv, that was interesting that it is timed every eight minutes before another four minutes of ads played. I often look away from ads and commercials when they come on or when they are on billboards. It was a learning experience to see what was all out there.. :)