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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 8

Ads on T.V.:

I watched channel 6 for one hour during the show called "The View". During this one hour I came across 55 advertisements.The ads I came across were 1. Aqua Fresh Toothpaste, 2. Target, 3. The General, 4. El Vaquero, 5. Children's Services, 6. Captel Ohio-where you can read on phone what people say, 7. El Vaquero, 8. Nestle Pure Life Water, 9. Clorox 2, 10. Honey Bunches of Oats, 11. Cover girl, 12. Motrin PM, 13. Activia Dessert, 14. Ziploc Containers, 15. Progressive Insurance, 16. Macy's-Back to school sale, 17. Milk, 18. Snickers Icecream, 19. Loreal, 20. Charmin Ultra Strong, 21. Clorox 2, 22. Miralax-Constipation Relief, 23. Nice 'N' Easy, 24. Nutrisystem, 25. Oxiclean, 26. Tide with ActiLift, 27. Vagisil Wash, 28. Dove Candy, 29, Prevacid 24 Hr., 30. Yoplait Whips, 31. Metamucil, 32. Skintimate, 33. Hersheys Bliss Chocolate, 34. Wendy's, 35. John Kasich, 36.Wendy's, 37. Advair, 38. Olay, 39. Oxiclean, 40. Hanes Socks, 41. Swiffer, 42. Stacy's Chips, 43. Clorox 2, 44. V8 Juice, 45. Avon, 46. York Peppermint Patties, 47. Lactaid Milk, 48. Covergirl, 49. Activia, 50. Reynolds Wrap Nonstick, 51. Froot Loops & Apple Jacks, 52. Ultra Downey, 53. Windex, 54. Merle Norman, and 55. MiraLax Constipation Relief.

No I am not surprised by the volume of advertisements I encountered on TV. The reason I am not surprised is because that is how companies make money by advertising to get people to buy from their companies. I would love to see more of the shows I watch rather than the advertisements.

I pay attention to ads that I can benefit from. The ads that I can not benefit from I do not pay attention too. Everybody loves to save money so that is what I pay attention to when they advertise the sales.

I think there is a lot of influence on the public when it comes to advertisements because everybody loves deals, everybody wants to know what is new out and everybody wants to know what store is selling the items they can benefit from. Especially now that it is almost time to go back to school so the advertisements can point people in the right direction to save money.

Ads on Radio:

I listened to 97.9 WNCI for one hour today. During this hour there were 9 advertisements, well there were more but I was driving and these were the ones I could remember. The ads I came across were 1. Limited Brands, 2. 3C Body Shop, 3. Michigan.org, 4. Panera Bread, 5. VisitIndy.com, 6. Children's Hospital, 7. 5th 3rd. Bank, 8. Ashlynn University and 9. Verizon.

No I am not surprised by the volume of ads on the radio. The reason I am not surprised is because this is how companies get peoples attention. Also by using advertisements on the radio can give the talk show host a break.

I would not pay that much attention to these ads because there is only 2 that caught my attention. The two that caught my attention were Panera Bread because Panera Bread is my favorite place to grab a sandwich and their chicken noodle soup. Also Children's Hospital because I am a mother of four. If I can not benefit from an ad I will not pay any attention to it.

I think these ads influence the public because many people use Verizon for their phone use. Many people eat at Panera Bread it is delicious and healthy. Many people use 3C Body Shop to keep their car in good running. Many people are looking for employment so Limited Brands would catch their attention. Children's Hospital is a good hospital to take your children to if needed. The advertisements that were broad casted would help many people.

Ads on the Internet:

While I was on the Internet yesterday I viewed www.southwestairlines and www.facebook.com. During this one hour I came across 6 advertisements. The advertisements I came across were 1. Free online dating, 2. AT&T, 3. Avandia Diabetic Medicine, 4. Netflix, 5. Yahoo, 6. Harmony.com.

I am not surprised by the volume of ads on the Internet. When looking at ads on the Internet the ads will be at the top, bottom or side of the page. When you click on a different website there will be different ads each time. The reason I am not surprised of how many ads there are on the Internet because advertisements gets peoples attention and would view their web page longer. But, what drives me insane is when I am looking at something on the Internet and then a pop-up screen comes up with an advertisement. I do not like that while I am in the middle of reading something then I forget where I stopped reading at and I have to reread it all over again.

I would not pay any attention to any of these ads because none of these ads would benefit me. So I glanced and kept on reading what I was looking at.

I think these ads have an influence on the public because many people are in search of someone and are turning to the Internet for that.

Ads in the Newspaper:

I read the Columbus Dispatch for one hour because that is the only Newspaper that has so much information that catches my attention. For one hour I came across 7 advertisements. The advertisements I came across were 1. Wind stream, 2. Ohgetit.com & Boocoo auctions, 3. Columbus Jobs, 4. Columbus Cars, 5. Columbus Real Estate, 6. Time Warner Cable, and 7. Subaru. I am sure there were more but I read slow.

I am not surprised by there being a volume of advertisements in the newspaper. That is why people read the newspaper for the advertisements such as jobs, cars and coupons. The newspaper is an excellent place to get all the advertisements.

I would not pay that much attention to these ads because none really interested me. Except jobs and cars do interests me. So I would look at those but not the others.

These ads that were advertised in the newspaper would influence the public. The reason they would influence the public because many people are looking for jobs, vehicles, housing and good deals on phone and Internet service.

Ads while traveling in my car:

I drove for one hour today due to all the errands I had to run. I came across 11 Billboards with advertisements. The advertisements I came across were 1. Hope Timber Garden Center, 2. Time Warner Cable, 3. Steak 'n' Shake, 4. Carnival Foods, 5. Donatos Pizza, 6. Adornetto's, 7. Mc Donald's, 8. Subway, 9. Wind stream, 10. Nelson's Glass Service and 11. Harry and David.

No I am not surprised by the volume of advertisements while driving. Although I think it is a distraction from driving so everybody be careful. The reason I am not surprised is because companies will go to any measures to make sure people know about their companies. By advertising that is the only way people will know what is going on with companies and what they are selling.

I would pay attention to these ads because there are several that caught my attention. I love to eat so Donato's, Subway, Steak 'n' Shake, Carnival Foods would be the places I would benefit from. I watch T.V. so Time Warner would interest me especially if they are having a sale that would help lower my cable bill. My Internet is through Wind stream so I would pay attention to their ad as well to help lower my bill.

These advertisements have an influence on the public because when people are out shopping they want to grab something quick to eat. Also people want to save money when they do go out and eat. Plus when food places come out with a new item by advertising will show people there is something new to try.

Channel 6
97.9 WNCI
Columbus Dispatch


  1. I like your post it made me think about that there might be more of an influence from advertisements than I thought there was. I tend to ignore the advertisments on the radio and I usually record my tv shows and fast forward through commercials, so I feel like ads do not impact me as much as they once did. Maybe more people pay attention to the ads then I do!

  2. Thank you! You know I really never did pay attention to advertisements either like I had to do for this assignment. Once I was acturally hearing or seeing the advertisements it really got me thinking maybe I should start paying attention to them. I'm like you when I'm watching TV and a commercial comes on I watch something else until my show or movie comes back on. Some people do pay attention to them because it helps save money or to know what is the newer version of things out there.

  3. Interesting. You say you ignore ads that don't have anything to offer you, but you must pay a little attention to them to decide if they do or not. Do you think that little bit of interest eventually causes you to remember a product or company, even if, at the time, you didn't think you would be interested???

  4. Kathleen,To be honest I never paid attention to any ads until this assignment. But, while doing this assignment I noticed some products might be interesting. Yes interest does turn into a liking and eventaully start using.