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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 8 Advertizing Sanderson

Television- The channel I chose for my hour of television was A&E. I watched the first 48. I love police shows and detective shows, but it is very aggravating when you are about to hear someone confess and the show goes to a commercial. During the first hour of television I watched there were many commercials. It seemed like their were at least six commercials every ten minutes. The commercials were for shoes, cars, cell phones, food, houses and home improvements, and much more. There were also ads for new movies that were coming out soon. I never really stopped to realize how many commercials played in a one hour span before.

Radio- I listen to my radio quite often in my car because I am always on the go. I get very annoyed by the commercials that interrupt the music so very often on the radio that many times I just turn it off because I am tired of waiting on a song to play. I have noticed that there seems to be about four commercials for every three songs played. It seems like too many, but I guess there must be commercials to get sponsors for the music. The radio station I listened to was 107.5 fm. I listen to this station every day. The ads that played on the station I listen to were ads for night clubs, cell phones, movies, events within the community. Most of the ads were involving some sort of family entertainment. I now realize just after two parts of this observation how important advertisement really is. Without it radio would be unsuccessful.

Internet- Where can I begin with the internet? I would say that at least half of what I seen on the internet was ads. on the sides, on the top, on the bottom, they were everywhere. Some od the ads seemed very unimportant. Those are the ads I would never click on and I would tell my daughter to not open them as well. Most of the dumb ads like death clock and bumper stickers, could be a virus and will harm your pc. There were ads for finding your lost loved ones, Losing weight, going back to school, walmart, free cell phones, and many more. So how do we tell which ads are real and which ads are trouble? It is hard so I generally as a rule do not look at any ads and tell my child to do the same. If there is something I am looking for I will go directly to the website for it.

Newspaper- I read the Newark Advocate. I found sixteen ads in two sections. The ads included things such as Hollywood theaters, Energy Co op, Main Hardware, and the Wethervane Playhouse, which I love. The newspaper is a little more suttle with its advertising than the radio or the television. There are still many ads, but there is more news than ads, or at least it seemed that was. The television and the raidio seemed to be overtaken by commercials.

On the road- While driving down sixteen I seen a total of twelve billboards. Some that I can recall were an ad for park National Bank, an ad for real estate, an ad for the Wilds, and ad for beer, an ad for T 100, an add for Licking Memorial Hospital, i also seen an add for Battered women which tugged at my heart a little. Sometimes when I see an ad that touches my heart I am still thinking of it when I am driving. I think of what I would have done differently, or how I would have made the message stand out a little more clearer. I did notice that the digital signs that are on sixteen are so bright that they could cause a wreck, or cause someone to lose focus while driving, but they sure do get the message across, and they show about six different ads on each board. Nothing is traditional anymore, even the road signs are going digital.

All in all I would say that advertising plays as much on a reader watcher or listeners mind as the information they are trying to receive. It is very important to have advertising on television, in radio, in the newspapers, and on the side of the roads. If there is no advertising who will pay for the product to be marketed. I have enjoyed this assignment and now I will alwys pay much closer attention to the advertising around me.

Sarah Anderson

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  1. Sarah,
    I agree with you on the last part of your blog. I really enjoyed this assignment, too, and I am paying much more attention to the ads as I see them. In addition, we watch The First 48 too and hate it when they are just about to confess and they go to commercials! Talk about dramatic! Great post!