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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 8 - Advertisements

Advertisement Log:

Watching TV – while watching an hour of television (Bachelore Pad) I saw the following advertisements: McDonalds, Date Night Movie, AT&T, Payless Shoes, Target, Eat-Pray-Love movie, T Mobile, Merle Norman, The Last Song Movie, KFC, Capital One, Nanny McPhee movie, Old Navy, Pizza Hut, Revlon, Sprint, Jimmy Kemo, Macy’s, Pepsi Max, T Mobile, Dove, Shaq Vs, ABC news, Huntington, Pizza Hut, Pristiq, Vampires Suck, Payless, ABC News, Going the Distance Movie, Trident, Victoria’s Secret, No Ordinary Family Show,

While listening to the radio (WNCO 101.3) for an hour I heard the following advertisements: I listened to 101.3 WNCO there were advertisements for the Richland County Fair, Omni Source Recycling, OReilys auto parts, and Cardinal Rentals. During the time I listened there were not many advertisements.
While surfing the internet for an hour (www.yahoo.com, www.facebook.com, several blogs) I saw the following advertisements: University of Phoenix, General Mills, the mom blogs, DIYClubinc.com, Country Living Magazine, Tanneicasey handmade, Household Words Wall Decals, Simply Yours, Vintage junk, four flights of Fancy, Mommy Holly Shop, The Rusted Chain, in Courage, No 17 Cherry Tree Lane, Verizon, $10,000 scholarship, Travelers Insurance, SuperHealth Book, Discover Card, Champion Windows, Pandora, Diet Snapple

When reading the paper for an hour I saw the following advertisements: Little Caesars, Herald’s appliances, First Knox National Bank, WMVO, Ohio Eastern Star Home, Page One Group, Hatfield Auto Service, Creative Images, The Living Center, Scott Auctions, North Central Insulation, Jan Page, Morts Auto Care, Fosters Pharmacy, Killbuck Bank, M&K Lawn, Parkside, Kahrl Insurance, First Bank, Candyland Sweet Shoppe, Ohio Rental, Henrys, Curtis Inn, Howard Street Garage, Acclaim Hospice, Southside Diner, Spearman’s Restaurant, Weather Vane, Panther Karate Studio, GR Smith Hardware, KES, Pond Tire, Yamaha, Stability fitness, Dennis & Schisler, Sportsman’s Den, First Knox, Christy Naples, Lanning’s, Knox Hospital, Neff’s, Capital Securities, Country Club Retirement, Classified ads, GR Smith, Mount Vernon News,

When traveling in the car driving around Fredericktown on several different occasions I saw the following advertisements: Fredericktown Library sign, Mid State Waste signs on trashcans, Fredericktown School Signs, COTC signs, the upcoming Fredericktown Car show, Brakes Ice Cream sign, Fast Freddie’s sign, Eats N Sweets sign, Peppy’s and Dominoes signs, Rite Aid Sign, Fredericktown Market sign, Pioneer seed sign, Fredericktown Farmers Market signs and Fredericktown Chevrolet signs. I also saw a couple of for sale, for rent and garage sale signs.

I saw the following advertisements in each medium: I saw 33 on the television, heard 4 on the radio, saw 22 on the internet, 46 in the newspaper and 18 while driving in the car. I am surprised by the number of advertisements you encounter during a one hour period. The newspaper I looked at was the Mount Vernon News and it did include a section on the Dan Emmett Festival, which included a high number of ads. I do not think I would normally pay attention to many of the advertisements. On the radio I usually just ignore the ads or I switch to another station. I don’t pay much attention to newspaper ads unless I am looking for something specific, then I skim the ads. On the internet I do not pay attention to ads and vary rarely click on any of the ads or pop ups. I usually do not watch “live” television; the majority of the time I will use my DVR tape the shows I want and then watch them when it is convenient for me. This is a big time saving for me because most of the time I just fast forward through all of the commercials and an hour show will usually only take about 40 minutes to watch. If I miss recording a show I can watch it on www.hulu.com and there are limited commercials. I also do not pay much attention to advertisements while I am driving around unless I see a garage sale sign 
I think the advertisements can have a large impact on the audience who views them, but the key in today’s world is trying to get people to view your ads and capturing their attention. I’m sure a large number of people are like me and fast forward through commercials or tune them out. But when I do happen to pay attention to a commercial I might think that I want the item I saw. The largest group of people influenced by advertisements would be children and teens; they like to see what is new and then think they “have to have it”. I think I am much more influenced by blogs I read then by advertisements. If I can read from a "real mom" how much they love a product I usually try that product!


  1. That is exactly the same thing I said wow in one hour this is a lot of advertisements. But I was not surprised too much because that is how people gain customers attention through advertisements. Yes I know I fast forward or change the channel when a commercial comes on too. I do not like commercials that have advertisements that do not benefit me. I will only pay attention to an advertisement if it is something I can use. Your right teens and children pay the most attention to ads. My son he is 5 years old and everytime a commercial comes on TV about a new toy he wants it. I do think advertisements does influence many people because if a restaurant comes out with a new item we would want to check it out. If a clothing store, music or electronics advertised a new item then many would see that and go buy it.

  2. My 5 year old daughter does the same thing - and now my 2 year old is starting to do it too! (pillow pets!!) Advertisements do have an influence on many people, I just wonder if it may be less than before with the number of people reading newspapers declining and with items such as DVRs where we can skip the advertisements...

  3. I agree with what you said about being more influenced by blogs than advertisements. I would rather know what a real mom thinkg than what some advertisement says. I am an avid blog reader and blogger? What blogs do you read regularly?

    Also, you may want to check out www.viewpoints.com. I like to write reviews there, and it's also a great place to read reviews on products that come from real people rather than ads. It's kind of neat because sometimes you can earn points and get gift cards for writing reviews too. =)

  4. Thank you, I will have to check out the viewpoints.com website. I also read several blogs, probably way too many!! I like blogs such as couponmom.com, but I really like photography blogs like www.enjoyingthesmallthings.blogspot.com and crafting/mommy blogs :) When I hear about something that a blogging mom really likes it makes me want to try it!