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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 7

7th Heaven

I chose the television series, "Full House." I love this show and I have been watching it since I was little. It is an older show and it has an older culture to it. The other tv show i chose was, "Seventh Heaven." Seventh Heaven has a more modern culture to it. Its more up-to-date. The stories and problems they have on 7th Heaven is more relateable to reality. Although 7th Heaven is 14 years old and start in 1996, Full house is older. Full house started in 1986 and is still airing on television today.
There are many similiarities with these two television shows. They both focus on two families living in one big home. There are young kids, older and adults that play a role in these two films. They also have twins in both shows. To a certain point they both are comedy but I would have to say 7th Heaven is more serious than Full House.
7th Heaven focuses on problems they are having with the family. Problems that are occuring in teenagers lives today. They show the problem and act it out, but they also have a solution to all the problems. I think this can help teenagers through some of their problems. Full house also has some inspirational shows that can also help teenagers deal with some problems.
Cultural differences would have to be the way they are dressed. In Full house, it is definetly older than 7th Heaven. Full house has the 80's look. Their hair, clothing and make-up is coming from the 80's look. 7th Heaven is more modern looking, a newer looking home, clothes and make-up. One thing I did notice was that in 7th Heaven, their punishment was being grounded and not hanging out with their friends. In full house, their punishment was to sit in the corner for an hour. These are very different traits that have changed along with time. By the shows just updating and making more of their problems realistic has made the difference. 7th Heaven, like I said, has more "teenage" problems and kids can learn from these.
I think that having positive shows like this on tv can really benefit young kids. They might see scenerios where they haven't seen that before but that would be a good thing because it's coming sooner or later. This really helped me to see the differences in the cultures and how times have changed. I believe it is for the better. Hopefully they keep making more reality shows so people can benefit from them.


  1. Good post. From what I have seen of 7th Heaven it is a good show for teens to watch. My fifteen year old prefers reality shows, so I like it when they have something that she can learn from. Another cultural difference would be the family units on the shows. 7th Heaven has more of a traditional family where Full House was based more on the three brothers helping to raise each other's children.

  2. Both shows are great and have have a lot of family values. Even though that one is traditional and one is non traditional they are still similar in rising their children and help each other out.

  3. These are very great portrayals of two similar but yet different shows of time and era, 80's versus 90 to new milenia. This was a truly well chosen topic with great detail and good presentation of the assignment. Great choices.

  4. I did not watch Full House when it was on, but I have seen just about every show now. It has become an iconic show for elementary-aged kids. I think that really speaks to what kids want to see on TV. Nice post!

  5. Yes, on the 7th Heaven show, they were raised by parents. On Full house, It was indeed three brothers. They both have the same gist of helping people out and how to work through problems. I believe this also helps kids understand that not every family has a mom and a dad. It is okay to be raised by family members and still turn out to be a good person. THese shows can teach a lot to kids! This is a good thing because this is the shows we need in today's society. :)

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. I like both shows but the difference in the times is evident in the two. During the time that full House was on the air things like sex,pregnancy and dating were handled with more care. Now days these things are considered to be every day life.

  7. I know! It is becoming more of an every day life thing. It's sad but it's happening. It has very well gotten out of hand.