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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 7

I chose the sitcom The Cosby show which first aired in 1984. The characters of this show were Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, Sabrina Le Beauf, Lisa Bonet, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Tempestt Bledsoe and Keyshia Knight. This show was about an African American family with story lines to be of a comedy nature as well as real life stories. The real life stories included dyslexic and teen pregnancy. The Cosby Show was to be educational as well as a comedy.

I chose the sitcom My Wife and Kids which first aired in 2001. The characters of this show were Daman Wayans, Parker McKenna Posey, Andrew Mc Farlize, George O' Gorell and Tisha Campbell. This show was about an African American family where Daman Wayans was a loving husband and he ruled the household. He wanted to teach his kids about real life lessons in a comedy nature.

There are many similarities between the two sitcoms. Both sitcoms are of an African American family. Both sitcoms are family oriented and the husbands both rule the home. Both sitcoms are about real life stories but presented in a comedy nature. Both sitcoms are where the husbands such as Bill Cosby and Daman Wayans both tend to their children and stir them in the right direction. Both sitcoms have story lines of pregnancy and their children get married.

The cultural difference immediately recognized between the two I would say would be back in the 80's teen pregnancy was not a major issue. Back then it was a family oriented generation as opposed to now where teen pregnancy is an issue. Back in the 80's there were not that many African American sitcoms as opposed to today there are many.

The cultural changes that made The Cosby show so different than the show My Wife and Kids are back in the 80's there were not that many children born out of wedlock as opposed to today many people are having children out of wedlock. The whole family generation has changed more people today are very busy in their lives rather than with family.

This assignment was very educational and when reading about the shows there were many things I did not know about the sitcoms. With Bill Cosby he added in the Dyslexic, his son in real life had Dyslexic. I think it is important for shows to add in real life stories and educate people. In today's generation there are more drugs, teen pregnancy and killings. Shows need to educate people to change society for the better and get this generation back to a better fun, loving lifestyle.



  1. I use to love the Cosby show but I don't think I have ever seen My Wife and Kids so your post was informative for me. I too like the shows that can educate our children and give them examples of how to deal with different life situations.

  2. I use to watch the Cosby show too. Yeah the show My Wife and Kids with Damon Wayans is hilarious I dont know if you seen any of his movies but he is funny. I like shows that educate our children because sometimes kids are afraid to turn to their parents so if they watch a positive show it would help them.

  3. S Hill - I enjoy watching Bill Cosby and Damon Wayans. They are both the type of person that can make you laugh by saying the silliest things. I still watch Cosby reruns when I run across them. My Wife and Kids uses comedy to teach the kids life's lessons. In my opinion that is the best way to learn.
    Good post!

  4. I also watch My wife and kids and I also believe this is a good "learning" show or could teach kids something. Good post. Getting kids in the right direction is important.

  5. Hi Janet, your right they both are silly. I watch it from time to time too. Yes it is a way to teach a life lesson. Thank you!

  6. Hi Karoline,yes I still watch it too and this show does teach a lot about real life issues. Thank you. Yes now-a-days it is hard to get kids in the right direction. There is too much violence out there that involves kids. Teaching kids the right way to live and guidance is very important.

  7. I agree that life lessons are the best ways to learn. i also feel that learning and life do not have to be so serious all of the time and sitcoms have found the loop hole and learned how to combine life with laughter.