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Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 7 Blog Post

The Brady Bunch Versus Jon and Kate Plus 8

I selected The Brady Bunch as my "old" show and Jon and Kate Plus 8 as my modern show. Right away the cultural differences I noticed were the setting - The Brady's had a much different house than the Goslins, the hair styles, clothing and even the vehicles - you can tell a difference in almost every aspect of the shows. The ethnic differences are apparent also - The Brady Bunch portrayed a "normal" family for that era - a caucasian mom, dad and six children. The mom stayed home to raise her children, while the dad worked. The family dynamic of the Brady Bunch was a little different since the family portrays a "blended" family; a dad with his three boys married to a mom with her three girls. The ethnic make up of Jon and Kate plus 8 are the wife is caucasian, while the rest of the family - dad and all 8 children are Asian.

Some ways you can tell a cultural difference with Jon and Kate as the modern/contemporary show are: it is a reality show (a type of show that was not really around in the 70's but reality shows are a major aspect of television today), Kate worked outside the home before her sextuplets were born (she was a nurse), and on the more recent shows Jon and Kate are now divorced and Kate is a single mom. Another difference about Jon and Kate is that they used fertility drugs to "help" Kate get pregnant which resulted in a birth of multiplies (she gave birth to twins the first time and sextuplets the second time). During the 70's, the time of the Brady Bunch, you didn't hear of fertility drugs or multiple births, especially sextuplets, very often. In the newest episodes of the show now called "Kate plus 8", Kate is working more outside the home as an author on tour, and making appearances on various television shows.

As a mom it is interesting to note the difference in the shows. Even though the mom on the Brady Bunch was a stay at home mom, she had a housekeeper/cook to help her out. Kate is now a working mom, but does not show any "outside" help on her reality shows. Even though both shows portrayed large families, the kids on the Brady Bunch were more spread out, where on Jon and Kate the oldest girls were twins and the six youngest are sextuplets. I enjoy watching Jon and Kate plus 8 just to see how she raises her family of 8 children and to gain any ideas I can that would help me to raise my children.


  1. That is a really good comparison!! I recently quit watching Kate plus 8 due to a personal dislike of some of the things on that show, but I love the way you compared the two. It is interesting to see the differences from single parent, large homes: along with the time difference.
    Great Post!!!!

  2. Thanks Misty! It's interesting because when the Brady Bunch aired there really weren't any reality shows and now there is tons of them. I guess I'm hooked on Kate plus 8 because I just cannot get over how she manages with 8 kids :) I sometimes have a difficult time with my 4!