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Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 10

I believe public figures' do have the right of needing protection from the paparazzi. When the public figures' are with friends and family that is their private time out of the public eye. The paparazzi needs to respect their privacy during those times. As well as when the public figures' are at their children's school functions that is private time. The paparazzi has caused many celebrities to get hurt while trying to take pictures. It is outrageous as to how far paparazzi will go to get the information they want. Paparazzi has rode in helicopters over celebrity weddings to gain pictures of private ceremonies. Maybe if the paparazzi would get a life for themselves they would stay out of celebrities lives.

The only times the paparazzi should be in the public figures' view is when making a movie, show or whatever their doing as far as for their career. Like being on the red carpet or leaving from a shoot to enhance their career. Other than those times the paparazzi should mind their business. The paparazzi wants to be in the public figures' personal life and spread all their business over the world. To me that is so disrespectful to take pictures of family problems and show the world. Yes I understand they are celebrities but everyone makes mistakes and just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they don't. Maybe that is why we see so many celebrities dying from drug abuse because they feel they can't do no wrong and the minute they do the paparazzi has a field day with it. I think many people put too much pressure on celebrities to live a certain way and at some point they can't do it anymore and turn to drugs. Why can't people just mind their business?

If the paparazzi would respect the public figures' life and only take pictures of when they are working then maybe the paparazzi would gain more information if they gained their trust. The paparazzi is going about getting their information all wrong. By sneaking around, paying people money and stalking the celebrities. Paparazzi respect the public figures' lives and you might gain respect.



  1. People that work in the public eye know what they are getting into when they decide to go into that line of work. If they can't handle it, then why are they doing it? Why should we write laws that protect these people? How do we know that they didn't call the media to publicize their wedding? Aren't they all about "publicity"? It's keeping their names in the forefront of the public that keeps them working. ..

  2. Yes celebrities know what they are getting into by being in that field. But, does that mean they still can't have a private life either? Your right if they can't handle it then get out. Life is about choices and they choose to be in it or get out. There should be laws because some not all may not want to be in the spot light in a negative way, or their children should not be in the public eye either. Don't you think there should be laws to protect children of celebrities? I do. I do not have the slightest clue whether they call or not to say hey come take pics of my wedding. Im sure some do and others do not. Celebrities are about publicity to enhance their career not tear them to shreds. The paparazzi can be nasty about certain things. The publicity is not the only reason that keeps their career going, its their talents. Now look at Mel Gibson do you think by whats going on in his life all that publicity will enhance his career or damage it?