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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 10 Blog

There is a time and a place for public figures to be photographed. If the celebrity says no, leave me alone I think the paparazzi should respect their wishes. I know that celebrities are celebrities because of their fans, but I think the paparazzi have gotten out of hand. I am not sure how to monitor or regulate the paparazzi, but I do think something needs to be done. Celebrities deserve some quiet time with their family or friends, without being constantly hounded.

When a celebrity has to go as far as getting a protection order, than things are definitely out of hand! In 2009 Nicole Richie had to get a protection order from 2 celebrity photographers for both herself and her two children (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/925293/richie-gets-protection-from-paparazzi). There should be protection for a celebrity when they are with their family, especially young children. Their children should not have to be subjected to the hassle of the paparazzi or the chance of getting hurt when trying to escape the paparazzi. I would be upset too if I had to constantly protect my children from paparazzi harassment.

The role of a public figure should end when they are on their own time. If a public figure is not on the set of a movie or at a celebrity event, I think they should have the right to their own privacy. They should not be followed and chased when they are trying to have a family outing, go shopping or out to eat. The celebrities should also have the right to privacy at their homes, which is private property.

I know some celebrities use the paparazzi to their advantage and they may “leak” their location so that they get the free publicity. When a celebrity does this it kind of ruins it for the other celebrities who want their privacy.

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