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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 10 beveridge

I feel that the paparazzi has gotten way out of control in recent years. Many celebrities careers have been ruined by the media. Tiger Woods is a recent example. Tiger is the most dominate golfer of all time, he made some bad decisions but then again who hasnt? I am not saying that cheating on your spouse is o.k. but it happens all the time from President of the U.S. to the bum on the street it happens. Only when it happens to somebody famous does the nation take interest. Tiger cannot go anywhere without the paparazzi hounding him snapping pictures asking questions etc.... Britnney Spears is another example, anytime a celebrity gets drunk, does something stupid, goes out without makeup on or breaks up a relationship all of a sudden it is everyone's business and the media is flooded with it from t.v. to newspapers, and magazines its everywhere. My question who really cares? I know that the paparazzi hides behind the freedom of speech and press and that the public has a right to know but I feel that it is getting out of hand. A celebrity's personal life should stay that way, what they do off the set, off screen, off the golf course etc.. should be their business. However, can the paparazzi be the only ones blamed? no, we the people have made such a big deal about what celebrities do every second of every day that we have condemed them to this lifestyle. Some celebrities love the attention some do not and I feel that we the people have let it get out of control. So to answer the questions no I do not feel the paparazzi should pursue celebrities at will or have the ability to and I feel that once the celebrity gets to his/her home they are not celebrities anymore and thats where it should end. We as a people need to realize that they are people not gods or our own property we do not have a right to know what goes on in their personal lives and I feel that more strict laws should be put into place to reduce the amount of freedom the paparazzi has.


  1. I agree! I think that celebrities deserve a right to privacy just like anyone else. I know that their job demands them to be in the "light", but I feel there is a time and place. I know I would want some privacy for my family and myself, not to mention a level of safety from the paparazzi.

  2. Yes the paparazzi has gone out of control seriously. I agree with you just because Tiger Woods cheated on his wife doesn't mean he is a bad person or can't play golf. People make mistakes and like I put in my post people put too much pressure on celebrities and they think they have to live to high standards. Then when they make a slight mistake their horrible people. Exactly the paparazzi and journalists write about all the bad things celebrities do and we help create that problem by buying Us Weekly, or people just to get in their business. Yes I agree there should be some sort of laws that the paparazzi can not violate a celebrities personal life. Excellent post!

  3. I completely agree with your post, Great Job! Celebrities are just people, and people should not make as big of a deal out of everything they read. It seems like before facts are even present, people will jump to conclusions just because it has been printed by someone. It has been proven to that some pictures printed aren't actually the celebrity it says, it was doctored in some way. Now I've got off on to a different topic, so I will drag myself back.
    I agree that they need privacy and some slack cut, when mistakes are made. Everyone makes them, but we don't have photographers following our every move just in case. They should be allowed to live their lives the same as the rest of us, and not be put in danger just to get their pictures.

  4. Thank you all for your comments!!!

  5. Great points! Let the celebrities live their lives in peace. Once they are home, just leave them alone. More strict law would be good but how about stiffer punishments! Make the paparazzi pay if they do not adhere to the laws. Kudos!