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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Web, a miracle for all of us!

To begin this weeks, blog we discuss the divide and possible age gap between people using the web, young and old. To me I know when I first encountered this astounding new creation, I was maybe 8 years old and I was in second or third grade, I was amazed. Our teacher had wanted us to do a assignment for school and it had to do with some kind of research for a history project and she wanted us to get as much data collected as possible. Well I remember how much you were able to gather with the little time we had to do it, it really was so innovating to see. You could collect data; get information, chat, all kinds of things that I had not even begun to learn just yet. Later we would soon find this is now a central part of any Americans and so many others lives worldwide it's almost unfathomable. To gain widespread information in a matter of seconds, at age 8 I was trying to comprehend this and it only had just touched the surface of what I could understand of it, now it's like a phone or a television, you almost feel lost without it sometimes. But I think everyone agrees without the web part of so many striving things in the workforce, the world's workforce and so many other enterprising things couldn't even exist without the creation of the web, we would still be creating stone circles for wheels if you catch my drift!!

So when it comes to my own flesh in blood, brother, mom, dad, grandmother, cousins, aunt's even uncles, I can't say at least one of these people and I have not had at some conversation piece at one point in my life were it at the time had something to do with some bit of data or information found online or about something just merely online itself. I think others would agree also. Now when it comes to their own well their own online abilities or how they process and how fluently they can navigate through it, well yes, some are better than others. I only say some because when let's say my brother and I had learned how to use it, my parents were already using it at work, so it depends on the persons background were they are in their life, and what focus or direction their life is in, because with most anymore they have some terminal they use the internet for at some point in their day. It is almost a general requirement for some.

The only person I can ever remember having had problems or not quite navigating to internet subpar was my late grandma, at first she got so frustrated, oh how that made me laugh so much at the time! But, as everyone else someone like myself sat down with her and helped her understand it as I did. Before I knew she was hooked on instant messaging her girlfriends for cards, or other little get together's. This may have made me laugh even more so at times, now that I think about it! Ah, well any how that is another story entirely. Now we won't begin to speak about what my grandfather was like when he saw the internet, it still makes me laugh to tears because he thought people were crazy for getting wrapped up in what he called crap! So, he never once even used it, didn't need to be was what he always said. Other than that everyone in my family even immediate is pretty much their own web connoisseur! But for the rest in that age group would still be my mother and father and they use it just as good or better then I sometimes. We all seem to teach other new tricks or sites that may make life a little easier every once in awhile. So it's pretty widespread a tie, for both young and old anymore. Even those I know that are retired use it to stay entertained or keep in touch with loved ones that do live as close as they used to anymore. This is why I truly have to say and very deeply feel the web is a miracle for both young & old.

I think the only divides are those left who had retired before it was so heavily introduced into modern society. Meaning those people left that would fit into that divide would have for me anyway, either no longer be with us, or had gotten out of the whole internet mix before it was such a part of your work, life, and home environment. I may not even have anyone in my circle of people that does not use it for some form or another, but I have had friends say they have parents or grandparents that don't understand it, and can't quite grasp how to steer through what they call a mess. But it can be dividing because for kids they are required to learn the basics of this so early on, were as adults would only be if they were required to by their job to be taught a day class or short program on web navigation. Others simply learn from someone else who has learned how to use it and passed their knowledge on to them. So when you ask will the divide change, well I say it already has, and narrows every day. We live in a technology based world now, nothing isn't without some sort of formatted intricate electronic device, or being linked to a computer. We are becoming the people of the future and our world is truly at least in the respect becoming this modern society that couldn't exist at times without it. Sad to say, and even sadder to truly grasp that, but it is at it may, and again this is another story in itself altogether! So I say the gap closes quite narrowly tomorrow, next week, and in the following year and only continues so as time goes by faster than we think!

If you look at other countries I suppose this divide could be ghostly at times, creating people to either catch up or be left behind. If one truly sits and thinks about what I am trying to state, it's that of the industrial error, or so on and so forth, in culture modern and past those towns, cities, remote countries, other places down this long list, but those places that didn't choose to go with the trend and get involved with the world that was changing and find it's place it left them to be stuck in the past and fizzle and well just fade into the background. This is why places like the U.S. and Japan, or China are so truly into this new century and others are jumping the bandwagon because it's the communication and technology path of the future, it is a gateway that will leave some at the back of the class and some getting ahead. It will remain to be seen it's true effects until many years from now when people are asking about us and the era we live in. But that's just my opinion I guess it may sound a bit crazy but I always try to look at the so much bigger picture and its effects as a whole.

-Tim Murphy ( murphy-7506 )


  1. Hey Tim great post, your grandpa sounds like a real old timer if they dont feel there is a practical use for it they dont need it. You must be about the same age as me because that is how old I was give or take when the internet first hit the scene and computers started popping up in every classroom in schools and almost every subject we used the internet for research. Good post

  2. Yea I started kindergarden in 88 or 89 some time around then, and it really was the stepping stone for all the new wave technology we see now in class rooms, it really went from a simple peice of hardware, even as it was in the early 80's to now a whole school district can operate their own entire network and fluently link multiple main frames to their system that way they always stay connected, and kids can be up to the date with new educational practices, and find really exciting and new ways to learn all at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.