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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tabatha Starr loves TV!

I chose to compare Threes Company with Friends. While I understand that friends is not an extremely recent show, it is still a contemporary show, and it has the values and ideas of a modern culture.

Something that is similar in the two shows is the theme of young people living together, and having fun. Both shows also show seem to support the idea that it is okay for men and women to live together even if they are not married. In the time that friends was on, it was a little more widely accepted. But in the late 70's and early 80's (the time during 3's company) it was a little less widely accepted, though is wasn't as taboo as it would have been 10 years or more before that time frame.

Three's Company is based around a smaller cast than friends. Three's Company has, you guessed it, 3 main cast members. Friends has 6, 3 women and 3 men. Both shows take place in the city, in an apartment building. I imagine that it is because even in the past, apartment and city living have always been the "cool" thing to do for young adults.

One difference between these two shows is that Three's Company has a little bit more of a clean comedy to it, whereas while Friends does not have "dirty" comedy by any means, it has a lot more comedy and drama that is focused around sex. Three's Company has very little drama. Friends was a comedy and drama.

Another difference in the two shows is that Friends is more of a show that continues the script from week to week. It is a show that progresses with each episode. Three's Company is more a sitcom. You could pop in, watch any episode, and not feel like you missed a while lot. Each episode it's it's on entity for the most part, and rarely relies on any other episode.

Both shows seem to target the same general audience; teens and young adults. However, it seems that friends gathered more of loyal following than Three's Company. This may be because Friends has more of a dramatic element and because the episodes all connect. This allows the audience to feel more connected to the show and the characters. Three's Company was a great show, but Friends became and television icon.


  1. Good comparison, I never really thought of the fact that Friends had an ongoing storyline but Threes Company did not! Friends was certainly more modern than Threes Company.

  2. You did make some very good points about being able to pop in at any time and not feel like you missed anything with Three's Company. I agree with you about the presence of an on-going story-line helping to build a better base of long term viewers. It kind of goes back to the old idea of the cliff-hanger. You give people a reason to want to tune in next time. Some people live their lives around watching that next episode.

  3. Shawn, I completely agree, because often (though I hate to admit it publically) I am one of those people. I don't have a lot of free time to watch tv anymore, but I LOVE my tv time. It's how I destress. I am always waiting on the next episode of Army Wives. lol. But DVR makes that a lot easier!

  4. Just like Heidi said, I think this was a good comparison. I actually watched both shows, although Friends was after it was off the air (I never could get into shows when they were on prime time). I think having a little drama and story lines make the shows more entertaining to watch. It does keep me going back to watch, week after week! Good post!