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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Say Cheese !!

The question arises over privacy and whether every citizen has a right to privacy. That right only goes as far as each person prefers. When someone makes a decision to enter into a public lifestyle such as entertainment or politics they know what they are getting into. The amazing paycheck comes with a price. That price is the loss of privacy. Though the paparazzi quite often go beyond what I would personally consider acceptable, it is just the way things are. Do these celebrities deserve protection from this invasion? Not if I have to pay for it and not at the expense of law enforcement. With their monstrous incomes they could easily guarantee their own privacy to a point. I often have seen videos of celebrities kicking, punching, swearing, and spitting at paparazzi. This only fuels the fire. Every reporter wants a good story and the more the violent the reaction, the better the video.
Where does the privacy begin and the role as a public figure end? Unfortunately, that is a very hard line to draw. Paparazzi with telescopic lenses and helicopters flying over personal property tend to set me on edge. I am a very private person and could never tolerate this kind of personal violation. Perhaps this would explain the purchase of a 20 million dollar house with more square footage than a football field. Inside their home is their only true privacy. The moment they step out the door into the fresh air their privacy ends. Suck it up people. You made your choice. In fact, here’s a link for a site that really pushes the limit. http://www.tmz.com


  1. Hi Shawn,

    I agree that celebrities must sacrifice SOME privacy for their fame. They are famous because people admire their talents and art, so I believe that celebrities should share about their professional lives and even a little bit about their personal lives. However, I don't believe that their home should be the only place where they should be given privacy. As you pointed out, the helicopters and big lenses are excessive. If the celebrity asks for privacy for personal matters like a new baby, battling a disease, etc., then the media should (and sometimes does) respect their wishes.

  2. You have a good point Mike. Unfortunately, there are enough people who are willing to pay for others to violate the privacy of these celebrities that an industry has spawned. This industry feeds one of the many machines of our economy. Do I think it is wrong that these people are under the microscope constantly. Yes, I do. But, it is the horrible price of fame.

  3. That is true. When a person becomes famous they already know what to expect. I do believe it is not right for celebrities to be treated like lab rats though.

  4. Good point!
    I have to agree with you when someone enters the life style of being a public figure they should already know what they are getting into.