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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


sThe million dollar question.. Should celebrities be protected from paparazzi. I think that they deserve the privacy, but not that they will get it.
Each and every person in the world deserves their privacy. However, when you sign up for a job in the 'spotlight' you also know what all you are giving up. I am not saying it is right, but it is a little frustrating to see the people in the spotlight complaining about something that has been around forever. Why would one celebrity be any different than the rest? It is not like this is a new thing. So why I believe it would be the right thing to allow them their privacy, I can also realistically say that will probably never happen.
I can understand how people born into the lifestyle being upset though. I feel terrible for the children on reality shows, having to go through everything in their lives on television, with no say in the matter. I think that they deserve to have the cameras away from them too. At least adults ( actors, actresses, singers etc.) make the choice for themselves, those children have no choice. And they will be pounded by paparazzi for the rest of their lives. I see tabloids all the time showing 'child stars' that I have never heard of, and where they are now. Or just photos saying something about how bad they look, or that they got hooked on drugs. I don't feel bad for the adults, but the children should be left alone until they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.


  1. I have a question you stated, "when you sign up for a job in the 'spotlight' you also know what all you are giving up." Well what about people who have been kidnapped and after years located? They are in the spotlight but did not sign up for that or the paparazzi. I understand where you are coming from but sometimes people fall into fame by no choice of their own, now if you want to talk to celebrities being hooked on drugs or something like I feel that is even a worse time for the paparazzi. Some of these celebrities are heroes or idols and the youth of today looks up to them, some would think "hey that's cool" and some would not. Impressionable, young minds think well if they aren't going to get into trouble it's ok. Not good! The legal system needs to make examples of these instances instead of the paparazzi making a buck off the situation. The tabloids are being overrun by the stars children and I feel truly sorry for them all.

  2. I may not agree with this post almost entirely, but you do state valid points and can understand almost all of the arguments and comments listed. But to myself if you signed up for or it or not, if it were you would you like to have a maginifying glass on you for every moment of your life, and now think of something your not proud of suddenly your famous, well guess what?... we are going to do a feature story of that problem you had, and your whole family and friends can watch! Just saying it needs to be viewed 360, that's all. That's why I sortive agree with some of your arguments, its not something so easy to understand unless you really analyze it from all angles. Great Post, it made me think. Have a wonderfull summer, and hope finals weeks goes well. Thanks-


  3. I agree with you for the most part. I think that when you become famous, you pretty much have to expect that you are going to be stalked (at least one time or another) by the paparazzi. It sucks, but it happens.

    I also agree, I feel really bad for the children of celebs who end up in the tabloids. It just doesn't seem morally right. But then again, it's so hard to draw a line... you know?

    It's just not a black and white subject. It never will be.

  4. Monica-
    I agree that people who did not 'sign-up' can sometimes fall prey to the paparazzi, however, you see a lot less of that and more of "celebrities". As for kidnapped victims, I agree that they should be left alone on the same grounds of the children, people who did not choose to be put there. My point was just that people who make the decision to work or live in the spotlight have to be aware of what comes with that.

    While I understand your point completely, that is why I would never want to be famous. As a matter of fact, I would avoid the spotlight as much as possible. When I was 14 years old, my family suffered a deadly house fire. My father had become stuck in the house, and I re-entered the home to help him out. I was told had it not been for that he would have died, and as it was, he spent over a week in the ICU at OSU medical center. Now, the local paper called me for days, and ran the story for almost a week, front page for 3 days. I HATED IT!!!!!! My whole family did, so i understand how it can be frustrating, and sometimes you have no choice, but eventually they moved on to something else and left us alone. If you are not drawing attention they will not bother with you. That is all I was saying.

    I am glad you understood where I was coming from. I may not agree with the paparazzi, I understand they are doing a job, and if the "role models" acted as such then they wouldn't even have a job, not to mention all the people who thrive on reading all the 'dirty secrets' the celebrities have... Are they not to blame as well?

  5. Misty,

    Thank you for the comments, you are pretty much correct and the celebrities should be aware of what might come but it does not make it right.

  6. I agree with you on the fact that the children should be left alone. The adults are a different story. They signed up for the job and they knew that this would happen. I also agree that one will never be left alone. It is not right but if the famous people act like role models then maybe the paparazzi would not get a story. Good Post!

  7. Sarah-
    Thank you for your comment. That is my opinion on the subject, and I am aware of others opinions, and respect them. I just feel that if they weren't doing things they aren't proud of then maybe we wouldn't see things they are not proud of.
    I agree it does not make it right, but unfortunately that is just how the world is these days, everyone feeding off someone else's misery. Pretty sad what that says about the human race, huh?

  8. It is pretty sad that our human race as digressed to this level.