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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The paparazzi

The paparazzi are out of control as we all know. Yes, I believe that public figures deserve protection from them and No, the news media does not have the right to pursue these figures at will. Yes, these people have chosen on some level to be in the public eye but they deserve some privacy as well. It should be o.k. to pursue them as long as it is alright with them, but as soon as they make it known that they value their privacy then it becomes a matter of respect. The paparazzi should have respect for their wishes and their families. Those that are willing participants have in essence made it known and therefore game on. But as I mentioned if a person speaks out on even one occasion then the paparazzi need to lay off and go make their money elsewhere. Unfortunately we live in a world driven by the almighty dollar and the paparazzi are paid top dollar for their photos so on some level I can understand why constantly invading someone’s privacy is beneficial to them. An unfortunate side effect of the paparazzi is that kids these days are being sent a message that says they really don’t have to respect anyone’s wishes and that it’s o.k. to just do whatever the H#*@ they want to do without regard for another person’s feelings. It is also unfortunate that many people enjoy everybody else’s business more than they enjoy their own. A public figure’s role as public figure should end and their privacy begin when they want it to. When they feel they’ve had enough it should be up to them and no one else. Maybe they could send out an official newsletter or statement saying that they want some privacy and then it should be game over for the paparazzi; Time to move on!!!


  1. Andy,
    You make some good points about privacy and I agree with you to some extent. However, every single celebrity knows that their lives are no longer private. They accept that when they accept that 40 million dollar paycheck. Would I be willing to have all my privacy taken away for a big fat paycheck? Hell no! I love my privacy more than I love money. These celebrities clearly do not. I do agree that the paparazzi really go too far.

  2. Andy - I agree with your post. If a celebrity requests privacy the paparazzi should show their respect and lay off. Wonder how newshounds would feel if they were pursued by celebrities? That would be an interesting story line for a movie!

    Great post!

  3. Andy nice post and janet hahaha I was thinking the same thing. We all have skeletons in our closet and just becuase someone chose to pursue a career in movies or music does not make them any different than you or I, its a job nothing more. I agree with Andy if a celebrity wants followed around 24/7 then so be it, but if they say back off then back off. Who really cares if a singer gets fat, or if Brad Pitt is cheating on Angelina I dont. Now if a polotician is accepting bribes or kickbacks then yeah expose the heck out of him. Good post.

  4. Nice post Andy, I wish someone would end all this stupid paparazzi crap. I would rather see and hear real news instead of what Lohan is doing, or her lack of jail time for what anyone else would get about 20 for.

  5. I agree the paparazzi gets of control sometimes, but that is their job to get the story or that one picture.