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Monday, August 23, 2010

Paparazzi; Creepers 'gon creep.

So the question is where do we draw the line as far as what celebrities deserve as privacy and what should be able to be made public.

For as long as there has been such a thing as a camera, there have been paparazzi. They are everywhere in Hollywood. It is almost strange to think of being a paparazzi as a real profession. It seems like they are practically professional stalkers. Can you say creeper?

But, in my personal opinion, that is part of what comes along with being a celebrity. There are certain things that go along with certain professions both on and off the job. Do you think that doctors enjoy answering random medical questions and looking at rashes (sometimes in questionable areas) on strange peoples bodies? Most likely not. But it happens, and thus is life.

I do however believe that every person deserves a certain level of privacy just to preserve their dignity, and to protect their families. I think that I could handle a paparazzi recording my every move, but it would be very hard to watch them do it to my children. That is a whole other matter. It doesn't seem right for them to loose their privacy by proxy.
After some research, I cannot find any laws that protect celebrities from the paparazzi. I believe that they would be protected from being photographed while they are in their private homes (or not in public) for the simple fact that is would basically be like stalking. Taking pictures of Jessica Alba at a restaurant; okay. Taking pictures of Jessica Alba in the shower in her hotel room; not okay. Get what I'm saying?

The answer is that there is no real answer. Things aren't always black and white.


  1. I agree with you I think the paparazzi are stalkers. They are stalkers because they hide in bushes and are in disguises just to take pictures and gain information. Yes being a celebrity dealing with the paparazzi is an on and off job. But, the line has to be drawn somewhere. The paparazzi should respect their private lives. Being a doctor is totally different from a celebrity. A doctor answering medical questions or looking at rashes in is the job description. Where does it say being a celebrity having to deal with the paparazzi is in the job description? Yes everyone has a right to privacy. I agree the paparazzi should not be alowed to photograph minors and then sell the pics. That is a disgrace and the paparazzi should be in jail for it.

  2. The problem is that there is no "job desription" for being a celebrity. =/

  3. Their acting career has a job description. The paparazzi needs a job desription. When they can or can't take pictures of celebrities.

  4. The paparazzi are nothing more than glorified stalkers. I also like the way you put it "Creeps" and the thing which offends me the most is how they hound these celebrities while they are on vacation with their families. Sometimes the paparazzi cross the line and a fine line it is. I do not believe that anyone has to deal with the paparazzi, privacy is privacy. Because one is in the spotlight does not give anyone the right to impede on the private times. Now if the celebrity wishes to participate in the public eye, such as Angelina Jolie, fine have at it. Doctors become doctors because the want to help people, or at least I hope so, and even though they have to do things I could not even imagine I do not feel that a doctor and the paparazzi are a good comparison. The paparazzi do not care who they hurt.

  5. I forgot one thing, overall you blog is very well written and I enjoyed reading what your opinion is. Good job! I love a good debate!

  6. I agree with you in regards to the price that people pay to be a celebrity! You pay me millions of dollars and I think that I would be able to deal with just about anything! And you know what? If I felt like I just really couldn't handle it, after a couple of million, I'd get out of it! Great job!

  7. Let me clarify; No, celebs and doctors are nothing alike. However, do they both get annoyed with things that they have to deal with "outside of work" because of their career choices? Yes. While celebs may put up with a more extreme version of what they put up with outside of work, they also lead a much more extreme lifestyle. Beauticians get tired of doing their friends hair off the clock, and Cell phone salesmen get tired of people yelling at them over their phone company off the clock (I know this one from experience lol). Lots of people have to deal with it. Like I said, it is more extreme with celebs though.

    And Andie, I completely agree. If you paid me that much, I think that I could deal.