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Tuesday, August 24, 2010



    For many years I have looked at this argument, and you truly have to look at all the angles, as if you were the judge and jury. Paparazzi have infamously made headlines for misconduct and truly rude let's say "ethics!" for over decades now. Stating this those still seek to watch, thus further stating more than ever now, and never the less people still find them intriguing enough to gorge themselves with their hysterical rants, reviews, and what we all know as their tenacious and most outrageous footage that constantly pops up on E.T. or E News weekly! I tell you it really tweaks my nerves at times. I would rather leave people to make their own lives than for others to rule them by how they are judged in the spot light. Now, you probably are thinking I am giving these media lights penance for some of their more deviant behaviors, I tell you and scream I am not! No I do not and never will justify their actions, some more uncanny than others, but still this is their business as ours is yours and mine, and should rightfully be in my eyes and of course my more bold opinion if you will. Let thy own self be true to thy actions and words because justice is sought in ways know man or woman can control without proper authority. That is truer than you know. I myself have had many troubles in my past it was bad enough having friends in family come to give me support or criticism sometimes even a swift kick in the well you know what but that's when I was younger. My point is it's bad enough those people being involved, so let me ask you this if you were fined for something or pulled over for maybe not something terribly wrong but still it happened, would you yourself want the world knowing or even worse yet people outside your own area code?!!! Come on people!!

So getting to the assignment, I will move on……….


I myself believe that the power of speech is sacred and true, and should not be made to put a clamp on, but too often than not people tend to abuse the privilege so harshly fought for a gained, that it makes me sad sometimes to be as we are. But unless this person or well media figure has committed a truly bizarre and despicable most heinous crime, that is unforgivable even by the higher powers themselves, then yes most certainly they should be protected, because unless it was as I mention before, to that extent, then we have know right knowing their personal endeavors, it is rude and further more truly without taste and to the lowest of classes. So shame on those, that indulge to much of their time to make a profit off of others misery is what I say! But if it is to the most outrageous and terrible nature then I believe yes as murders, and some of our greater know criminal minds of now and the past if they are of that nature then we as the people have the right to know for our own well being, it teaches a lesson, but that is in my eyes if only the way it is possible to give lead way or rights for the media to do so, because as I have made clear throughout all my blogs, family is the most important thing in this world and love for your fellow brother and sister. So what I want people to think about is remember all those people have families to, and if you had a day to walk a mile in their shoes, would you want your family to walk that mile with you because they were so unwillingly brought in on the event and caused harm by those actions. No I think most wouldn't or I hope they wouldn't. Just remember we all have loved ones and think of how those people in the spotlight feel every time their name is mentioned or a new photo is released.

Well further going into the assignment this is where it does get a bit harder, but to me still can remain the same,

I feel as a public figure yes you do have the role to uphold and do properly with what has been bestowed upon you and in a sense honor it don't abuse it. But it still means that unless the role itself was used in the poor judgment, if you understand what I am stating, if they were on that public time, because work is work, and when you go home your home, and some things that live at home should stay there to certain extents. But as I said before, if it is of harm to another in ways unforgivable, or things done so irreparably done that they could not be taken back and done so poorly then it needs to be known the justification of that irresponsible persons behavior so others may not follow in those same steps, I guess, I know I sound like a preacher on Sunday, but I have a point to this.

All in all everything has a time and place, things should be done with dignity, lead with the right foot, and always done the right way. That means the paparazzi should not be so quick to judge because what if the roles were overturned and suddenly those shoes were the ones strapped upon their feet, and for the public figures walk the line you would want to be seen in, but be cautious because there can always be those who are watching, just do the best you can an what you were raised with, and at the end of the day if you can live with what you have done, and know in your heart you did what was right and the best you could do, well then those who caused that harm will have charma following them around the next day.

In a further glance…..

So as it may it is what it is we can't change it but we can try to be better than the rest, and not give them an ear to turn. I just think and feel I wouldn't want it done to me and if I had the chance to do what they do, well people make mistakes sometimes you just have to hope that you did all the rest like no other, and made rave reviews of it all while you could and lived it up while the time you were given was there. It may not be right but it happens, but it doesn't have to continue if everyone takes stand.

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  1. Sorry if I went in overdrive on this one! I just feel that everyone has had problems, god knows I have had more than most, and some would turn the other way than to try to understand. But my point is we all have backage don't indulge in others it's truly not something I consider classy. It's as if everytime you had something happen or go wrong we just stuck on E.T. or the 6 oclock news, how would you like that! I'm just saying.