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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old and New

The two television shows that I chose to compare are Friends, and One Tree Hill.
These two shows have many similarities and differences. Starting off with cultural differences; which include to what the show is based on, where the show takes place, and the age group it targets and is about. Some similarities include a close story line of following the lives of friends, and a couple of family members thrown into the mix.
Although both of these shows start out differently, I believe that they are based on some of the same values and topics. One Tree Hill starts out in high school following two half brothers, and a group of friends, in time all build close relationships, and become friends. These friends build their lives together and around each other, and go through many of lifes experiences. As their lives continue, they start to search for the same things that the cast in "Friends" look for; which is starting their families, careers, and making progress in these areas.
Friends start off as older, already past college, and have careers, for the most part. They are set in Manhattan and all meet in a Coffee shop as well as Monicas apartment to hang out, talk about their lives, and relax. In One Tree Hill, it is cast in North Carolina and even though it starts in High school, they often meet at one particular house (Nathan and Haley). I found this interesting because Monica and Haley are a lot alike. They both play the responsible, intelligent, more controlling personality. Both of these two characters homes is where a lot of fun, and memories take place in the show.
The ethnic makeup is not much different in either show, mostly it is all of white/caucasions, although one good friend on white tree hill that plays a big part is African American. The stereotypes for One Tree Hill are based on the Jock, Popular Crowd, Rock star, famous person, etc. sort of Highschool given in the beginning, but as the show progresses become the same stereotypes but just intensified. The characters become more famous with their chosen career paths that lead them into the lime light later on.
In Friends the stereotypes are sort of similar since most of the characters knew each other in high school or college, excluding Pheobe that is. There was the Popular Cheerleader, the "Nerd" scientist, the "player" or ladies man, the funny guy, and their unique "hippy" friend. These stereotypes follow them from what they were in Highschool and College, throughout their careers as they are older. The ethnic make up of this show is white as well.
The cultural changes betwen the two would have been more similiar in different locations and different age groups. Different things happen to people in different parts of their lives.


  1. Haha, it's funny that you chose Friends as your "old show" because I chose it as my "new show".

  2. :) It is funny how people view things differently. It all depends on age group or what you grew up with. Friends was the first show that I had to be home at a certain time to make sure I wouldn't miss it. This was before DVR times. :)