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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Myers - Week 8 Advertising

I saw so many ads in all of the different mediums! I chose to use billboards as my “ads” for the traveling. Here is my list of ads:

Watching TV: 27 ads in a one hour show.

Listening to the radio: approximately 30 ads in a 60 minute interval.

Surfing the internet: approximately 49 in a 60 minute interval; however, I cannot guarantee that I caught them all! After using the internet for so long, I think I have become blind to all the ads.

Reading the paper: The Newark Advocate, approximately 40 ads in a weekday edition.

Traveling: In one trip to work, which is approximately 30 minutes, I saw approximately 22 billboards. I would have to say that the same billboards were on the way home and just the other side, so my best answer is 44 total billboards in an hour of travels.

I would say that I am very surprised at the amount of ads that are on the internet. As I stated before, I think that I have managed to disregard all the ads that I see as I surf the web. Reading the newspaper and watching TV, I really did believe that there were this many ads that came before my eyes. The radio rather shocked me, but I did realize that there were many advertisements played. I would assume I just didn’t realize that it was one every 2 minutes. The billboards were about what I expected. I drive through Heath most days on the way to work.

In answer to how much attention I pay to these ads, I would say that I don’t even notice them. I probably sing along to most of them that are played on the radio and I don’t even know I’m doing this. When I see a good one on television, we laugh about them and usually talk to my friends about them.

We are influenced by these ads daily. I think that when we see ads, such as on TV or in a magazine, we relate to them more. The ads that don’t affect us as much would be the ones that are on the billboards and the radio. With billboards, unless we are stopped, we really don’t have that much time to read them. In addition, on the radio, we don’t get to see the ads, so I don’t think that they stick in our memories for a length of time.

According to www.businesstown.com, the ads in order of impact would be direct mail, television, radio, outdoor advertising, magazines, and newspapers. These mediums are based on the amount of people that you will be able to reach in the quickest timeframe. Another effective way to advertise is to use the internet. This is amazing to me because I don’t notice them, so why do others notice them? However, according to buzzle.com, “Advertising in the sponsored links of major search engines, has become one of the most effective method of internet advertising. The reach of the internet has become so huge that every person in any nook and corner of the world can view the advertisement of your products.” I know that the online newspapers have begun using this type of advertising and I have to assume it works.



1 comment:

  1. Andie,
    I agree with your thoughs on radio ads. Normally when an ad comes on the radio i chnage the station or just tune out mentally. I do a lot of thinking while I drive. The only way radio ads ever stuck with me was when I worked in a cabinet shop. Eight to ten hours with one station their ads were almost engrianed into my head. Great Post! Only a couple more left!