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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lil Bit Of Old with Lil Bit Of New



With having parents that grew up on shows like the Dick Van Dyke Show, Bonanza, Mary Tyler Moore, MASH, I love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, and one I have to laugh at…Green Acres; I could go on for a long time about all the shows I used to sit down with my mom and watch when I was a youngster. Especially those times before bed if I got to stay up for a bit longer my mom would let me watch TV with her while my pops was at work, I can't believe I remember that! But, back then TV Land was still Nick at Nite, and it was so different than those TV shows they show now. It was the shows that the people grew up on in the 50's and 60's to a few 70's shows. That was truly an era to be cherished for most. The things in that time were so much simpler. You saw that reflection in the settings of the shows, and the simplistic drama's or comedy's they represented. There was never anything overly raw or edgy the dramas were not risky or what we call controversial like some of the shows we watch and think nothing of it, but back then this was what people loved and it was the natural course of television then. This is what you can say of that imagine are role models, our parents well they were different can you imagine having a guy from the Bonanza as your role model now….ha..ha...just saying that's all. When I looked at this assignment I knew it wasn't just the shows that were popular but when choosing the show it was going to be one, for me, that could be analyzed and broke down, and was not just about its comic nature, or dramatic elements. So I picked two shows I found comparable to that.

First of all the TV shows I chose to go with for this week's blog was that of Happy Days and Dawson's Creek, I just couldn't find another show for my classic other than those I remember as a kid, but hey I am saying The Fonz was truly a cool dude even for back then, ha. But these are truly different and in a way truly the same, it was what was popular for those young adults that played in it relating to high school antics and popular clicks. It even depicted cool places to hang or even, in relation to Happy Days it had the greasers and jocks, the cute girls with the like Ihop Skirts for the styles then. But with Dawson's Creek it showed preppy students, it still had the jocks, the slick guys and the cute girls, what was popular what was slacker, or even un-cool at times. These made it similar, the differences lied with the era's itself, the issues the kids and their parents in the shows dealt with, most are very uncommon if you flipped the scenarios and put them in the opposite side of things, this is how you see how times were simpler and a lot less dramatic.

The differences ethnically did split a bit I think, although in the show of Happy days I did not see any ethnicity to it, just your average white suburban families and those kids that went to those types of schools and hangouts. To myself, this really shows you the time and how different it was. I believe in that time they were still on the verge of racial tension slightly, I truly get frustrated with this because for a kid that grew up in a town like I did I never saw anyone for anything but human, I always will be that way too. Some of my closest friends aren't of my race and it's not our races that bond us it's that we are simply friends and we care for each other and enjoy the good times and the bad. Happy Days may represented it's time but didn't totally relate to its outside world, or anything of ethnicity which is unfair in my eyes, maybe it just strikes a chord but either way that was its complete difference to Dawson's Creek. Now don't get me wrong they may not have had a lot of ethnic groups in this show but they didn't keep it a blind eye so much like Happy Days. One thing I noticed they showed a homosexual man as one of the main characters and the issues he dealt with going through the type of issues a person like that would go through. This was what stood out in my eyes to be more relative to the present and some of our major conflicts we deal with, and they even had other stereo typical groups like the girl who slept around and the wife that cheated on the father, and the alcoholic, even death. It was more of real broad and seemed to find a way for everyone to find relative area for anyone to relate to. But they still relied on issues of the young adult growing up and going through life and its issues, some more laid back and lighthearted even comedic at times. Happy Days relied on the lighthearted and comic portrayal to relate its issues of family, school, friends, and life. It was much more real in those young adults that played in Dawson's Creek and I believe that is why the show lasted so long, and it can even be compared to hey my favorite as a kid Saved By the Bell, this would be to me a intermediary between the two if you see my comparison.

I simply feel the most contemporary difference lies with the era of the shows and the depicted life people lead then, you're talking times before Vietnam, and then Dawson's Creek was that before 9/11 but followed after so you can see were those differences are. It was that of those life and times, and what people wanted to see in the television shows of the time. It was what was hip, or kept people entertained because it was like the families that watched it in a surreal sense.

Either way, the times and the life lead were depicted it was kids and their families, it was high school kids to college students, but either way it was the life most of us have lead, even if they were different we still find our place in both worlds. Weather you like a little bit of edge or a little less, I myself don't know what life would be like without just a touch of drama, but this is why these long critically acclaimed shows lasted so long. They play on with re-runs and DVDs, and I think we can find life lessons in some of these. I myself am like a half of the Fonz, compassion like Dawson, and so much a outgoing nature and attitude maybe even three fourths of the beliefs and feelings of Pacey, a good kid with a desire to be bad but ornery in a way. That was me, I may have even had a girl I was crush'n on just like that of Joey in that show, I don't know but hey it was a decent show. I was that kid who was popular had fun pulled pranks, but dealt with issues and all the in between their after and up to and after college. But all the same we had the fun times in sense that was kind of like Happy Days and we had our favorite places to hang, and always wanted to drive cool cars. So Happy Days even though it dealt with many generations before my time, it still had things you could find meaning too, so in my own way, so I suppose that it was still a cool show too.

There you have it those were my shows I watched and enjoyed it, as we seem to take this weekly adventure that we continue to take in Mass Media, I like the direction of this class, and look forward to the next blog, so on to week 8!


  1. Now Mr. Murphy, Arnold was Asian and I didn't see that in your blog. How could you forget the man who owned Arnold's! So disappointed :) Your blog was yet again fantastic, you covered everything in relationship to our assignment. Kudos! I enjoy reading your blog's you understand the assignments and I appreciate your efforts. Personally I never liked Dawson's Creek but my daughter did and I even watched a few episodes with her but never got into the show. Now I watched Happy Days which had three spin offs that I can remember: Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, and Joanie Loves Chachi and I actually watched all of them. Showing my age again but as I have already said KUDOS! Keep up the great work.

  2. Excellent post. I can tell that you put a lot of thought into it. And I miss watching Happy Days! Now you have me wishing that it was still on Nick at Night so that I could watch it!

  3. Good post! That's a long list of classic TV. Green Acres was a delightfully oddball show, even for the sixties.

  4. Wow, I didnt truly expect to hit home with that many people, and yes I did intentionally leave a few characters out of my blog for not wanting to cause commotion of sourts, as I said in my post I take that very personally because some of my friend from the very closest to others were from different descents and I feel that T.V. should and will be now and forever more hopefully universal to every creed,race, and so on. But yes I just like to put a lil bit of what I call home cookn into my blogs, it gives it much more feeling and lets people find their own way to relate, I wish I had a shot at being a reporter or having a post in some paper. I really enjoy this stuff, and I truly think everyone else would agree. It really does let you have a creative outlet, and makes you forget that it is even a school assignment than just verbal expression in the most artistic manor. Thanks guys I really appreciate each and all's comments it's nice to know people read what you right instead of just skimming through for some credit. Thanks as always and good blogging to you! Haha.