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Thursday, August 19, 2010


The internet is my family’s primary source of communication, we instant message, e-mail, and facebook each other almost on a daily basis. My children, parents, nieces, and nephews all live in Pennsylvania and by using the resources we keep up to date on what is going on with each other’s lives. My eldest child is my daughter, Tabitha; she is also the mother to my granddaughter Kelly and one, which is due in October. We use our webcams as often as possible so I can see them without being right there. Tabi will not get in front of the camera because she feels she is getting fat, in my opinion she looks fantastic, anyway I do get to see how much Kelly is growing and changing. Timothy, my oldest son uses the internet to look up information on the newest things happening in the automobile industry and talking to him mommy. Joseph, my youngest child is the techie in the family. At 17 years old, he can do anything with a computer and the internet. Joey is planning to attend Blizzard when he graduates high school next year. Joey is self-taught and has designed web pages for his school and for the store, he works at in Pennsylvania. Along with designing web pages, he has also made games, which is what he wants to do after graduation and the purpose for attending Blizzard. My daddy is a big user of the internet, he uses it to stay in touch with our family and he does online dating. Daddy lost his wife in 1992 and has been single ever since, but he still dates and as he puts it, “will never find a woman as good as Joyce”, she was my step-mom. When he finds old pictures, he thinks I might like he will scan them and send them to me via…the internet.

As I previously stated, I utilize the internet for communicating with family and friends, retrieving news worthy information, research, and fun. The first time I was exposed to the internet was actually in high school. My high school was one of the first to initiate the internet within their curriculum (1982) and that was my first experience with the internet. Unfortunately, it was in my senior year so I did not have any real experience with the internet. The first time I actually utilized the internet was probably in the late 80’s or early 90’s and I remember going through DOS to use the system. The computer I used was an IBM compatible with the original Windows and DOS operating systems on it and AOL was not very popular at that time. Boy, what a blast from the past! I remember the screen itself being black and the letters were yellow, bright yellow and the dial up was load. It looked like a data matrix pattern and sounded like an old Okie Data printer. I learned how to use the internet by trial and error, which I do not recommend to anyone. By using this technique I found out was a virus was and the importance of protecting your computer for these bugs.

My daddy uses his computer every day, since retiring from Boeing, he has more time to look things up for fun and information. Daddy was first exposed to the internet while working at Boeing. He uses his information to pay his bills, all of his banking is done online, and he even controls his retirement fund disbursements online. For a man of his age he has not problem learning new and exciting things, as he says, “when you stop learning you might as well be dead.” Daddy found it virtually easy to learn and use the internet; he says I am just like him we both like to learn. There are many similarities in my experiences as my father’s we both pretty much learned how to utilize the systems at the same time only through different resources. Both of us do all of our banking online, however I do not have a retirement account yet but will eventually. We communicate with the family and share pictures with each other. My daddy is definitely more computer savvy than I am but that gives me something to strive for in the future. The divide will narrow over the next few years and eventually I “WILL” become more skilled on the internet. Social networks will increase and I fear they might begin to charge for using the services. Currently social networks consist of MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, probably others that I am not familiar with but you can find old high school friends, old boyfriends, and make new friends as well. Recently my high school classmates named me class historian because I was the only one who could name all of my kindergarten classmates from the class picture in 1969. I have a gift for remembering names as long as I have a face to put with them. Not to get off track, but with these social networks you can stay in touch with old friends and find out have their families are doing and what is going on in their part of the world. Social networking on the internet will definitely increase, how fast, I have no idea but I am sure it will be quickly.


  1. Just wanted to let my readers know, my daddy is 78 years old.

  2. I have never had a reason to use a webcam, but I think it is great that you use it to see your family. I recently saw on the news that a solider in Iraq got to see his child being born via the internet. It brought tears to my eyes. Technology can truly be amazing!

  3. Webcams are fantastic! My daughter bought it for me right after Kelly was born just so I wouldn't miss out on watching her grow up. It is nice to know that our government is taking a stand and allowing our soldiers to partake in being able to watch the birth of their children. How wonderful! If I had seen the program I would have cried myself.