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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The internet

I use the internet for multiple reasons, all of which I consider to be important, to me at least. I use the web to do school work, research, download movies and music, banking, as well as social networking. I was first introduced to the internet while in High School (1998). I never had a computer and never really used it. A few friends had it, but never had been into it as much as I am as of now. Plus, there was no where near as much to do as there is now. I would say friends really introduced me to the internet, but never actually independently used it until I was in college when my roommate had a laptop, but of course we had dial up.

I called my mother to ask her about her use of the web. I have never in my life seen my mother use the internet personally. I lived with her until I was 18 and I am 29 as of now and visit frequently. She never has had a computer. I came to find out that she uses the internet at work. I guess people where she works bring in laptops, and she is able to surf the web. So, in all actuality, she was never really “exposed” until about 2 years ago according to her. Up until that point, she didn’t even know what Google was. It was a challenge for her at first, but it has gotten easier. She has been taught how to look at social network profiles, watch movies, or shop. I have never heard her mention the fact that she would want to have a personal computer, so I do not think the internet will ever become a part of normal life for my mother. I actually think people would get out more, socialize face to face more, and generally have more motivation to leave the house if the internet was not such a big part of society these days.

In my mother’s opinion (and I do not disagree) the internet has done nothing but make people lazy and gives no reason to get out and do things on your own. When you can shop, order food, pay bills, “type” to friends, and look at pictures of family or friends on a screen, what is the point of have real interactions? I agree that relationships, whether it be family or friends are becoming more and more diluted with the capabilities of the internet.

I personally, pay all of my bills online, talk to my friends online, order clothes, shoes, I buy dog supplies online, while my mother does the exact opposite. All of the things I mentioned, my mother does the “old fashioned way”. I do try and make a point to get out and actually meet up with friends (the ones that are close by) instead of having an internet relationship. The internet is a great tool, but I do believe that it has made our nation a lot lazier and will continue to do so as the technology progresses.


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  2. I really enjoyed your post! I have heard many parents talk just like your mother. Personally I agree, it does make us all lazier, and avoid contacting with people.
    I do all of those things as well, shop, e-mail, pay bills and chat. The days feel shorter to me, and rarely have time for these things so getting on the internet really quick and with a couple of clicks, it is done. It almost feels like efficient use of my time, so I can move on to something else. I always run out of time, and have more things to do, I can't imagine having to go back to doing all of those things in person as well. (Not saying I don't still talk and see my friends and family in person, because I do) But I do a lot of things on the internet that save me time

  3. This was a very good post. As I read your post, your mother's opinion stood out. I agree with your mother. People are becoming lazier and it seems the old way of doing things is the weird way of doing things. It would be nice to do many of the things the old fashion way but all I have to say: Where would our world be without the advances in internet and technology? I would have to say it would be different. Anyway, overall, Great Post! It was fun to read.