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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 7

I decided to post my podcast for this week’s blog.
It took very long to do and I missed a few parts in the podcast that I forgot to put in. I will be just posting what I will say but in the final project itself will have the parts put in.
I forgot the introduction and also the end.
Introduction: My name is Sarah Lynn Raymer and I will be talking about what happened in Eastern Europe and in Russia starting in 1917 for Russia and after World War II for Eastern Europe.
Part 1: about 2 minutes long is a prayer for one of the churches in Russia that is being rebuilt and restored in faith from ground up.
Part 2: Is the information, itself. This is around 5 minutes long.
I forgot the closing remarks but this is what I will say in the project itself:
Thank you for your time and for listening. In the next podcast I hope to talk a little more about what is happening in Russia now since everything is coming back together. It will be more about how the people were treated and how people are still suffering today. It will be more about the people that were outside the faith. Also what people are doing to help the situation.
Closing Music: is about 15 seconds
You can hear clicks in the podcast because I had to do parts. I couldn’t do anything about that. My microphone is not that good either. I am sorry about that. I do not know if I did this right since this is my first time doing a podcast. Please give any help that you can. Thanks!
I am sorry it is late. My internet was running slow tonight and it took a few hours to upload the podcast. My internet was going off and on.


  1. Based on this novice, you have done a good job on your podcast. Where did you get your information? Being of Polish/Russian decent on my fathers side, I would like to read more about this atrocity. History has always been very important to me there is way to much family history I still have not learned. My grandparents came over from Poland in 1918 right after this started and I was lucky enough as a young girl to hear about some things which took place over there but never anything. My father is the only one of 13 boys left, and the only one born in this country. He has told me horrible things which was passed down to him by his brothers and his mother and I would like to be able to do some research. My grandfather was Catholic and my grandmother Jewish, but they raised there boys Catholic. Strange for that era, sorry for getting off track; I truly enjoyed your podcast, especially the history factor. Great Job!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much! I was a little worried about it. Since, I am becoming a Sister in Jesus the Lord, the order that is helping in Eastern Russia, I must know the history of what happened. I mostly got my information from the sisters and also a priest that lives in Eastern Russia. The story at the beginning, I received from one of the sisters that took the name Maria Stella for her religious name. She got her information from the sister that survived. As for Eastern Europe, I got that information from a video that I watched that has stories from the sisters that survived. It also has some history on it. It is called "Interrupted Lives: Catholic Sisters Under European Communism." I am still learning about Eastern Europe so I do not know much about what happened before the war. I am researching about it though. Thank you so much again!