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Monday, August 16, 2010

How we use the web:

Overall, I could say that my family is pretty web-saavy.
My first experience with the web was at a friends house. I remember my best friend and I used to hover around her computer when we were 12 years old, lurking in Yahoo chat rooms, and thinking it was funny to fight with people over the internet. Then we discovered that you could voice chat... which was even more entertaining for us. I still remember us making fun of one girl who's screen name was "abercrombiecheerchic". We teased her about being a prep, and she told us how cool she was, and what size bra she wore. Fun times.

Then we got a home computer with the internet. I was in middle school so I used it as most middle schoolers do, for instant messaging. My mom liked to use it for games.

Now, my home family uses it. We use it for social networking (such as facebook), gaming, blogging, and more! It's funny to think how my usage of the internet has changed over the years. I used to use it to talk to my friends, download music, and look up son lyrics. Now I use it to keep a connection with friend and family, share photos, blog, bank, go to school, and to talk to other parents of messaging boards. I have actually made some great friends whom I have met in real life several times, and who I keep in touch with.

My grandmother is 67, and she loves the internet. She uses it to get on facebook both to keep in touch and to play games, to download music, to get news, to email, and to read blogs. She is actually great with it. Shes a very smart women, who catches on to things quickly. Though she said that she found learning to use the computer and the internet was challenging. Sometimes she still has me come over to show her how to do things. Just last week I went over to show her how to use itunes. But overall, she does great, and uses the internet daily.
Overall, I do think that there is a divide in the use of technology between the young and the old. But, it seems like older people are learning to use the computer and the internet at rapid rates. Many senior centers offer to teach seniors to use the computer and the internet. In fact, I have read that over 40% of facebooks new users over the last few months have been over the age of 45! I think that it's great!

As the internet becomes more and more of a daily use for so many people, I think the knowledge gap will begin to close. One reason is because the young will become the middle aged, and a new young generation (who will have the internet available to them during their entire lives...weird, I know) will emerge.
P.S. The funny "Senior Center" photo is from failbook.com. If you use facebook, you've got to check out this hilarious site!


  1. Hi! That is hilarious about argueing with that girl about her name. The funny things we do as kids. Yes I like the computer for social networking as well. I thought it was good when they came out with Face Book. To be able to find long lost friends and family members. That is awesome your 67 year old grandmother loves the Internet. Very good point the young are more into the Internet as opposed to the old. But, like you said now us older folks are getting into the Internet more and for the same reasons as our children for entertainment. I also believe the trend will keep going generation after generation. The Internet just keeps improving their sites and adding more ways for social networking. Good Post!

  2. Your grandmother is around the same age as my mom, and she uses the internet daily! I agree with you on the divide, I think it will continue to vanish. I originally started using facebook to keep an "eye" on my oldest daughter but now I probably use it as much as she does! It is a quick and easy way to stay in touch and share family photos.

  3. I am over 45, and I don't have a Facebook account. Every time I think about it, I grab my walker... but I can't make it to the computer by the time I forget about the idea. Wait a minute! I'm thinking about it now!! UNnnnnhh! Ahh!... I'm on the way to the computer. Gosh... what was I going to do?...


  4. P.S... Checked out "failbook". Funny stuff!

  5. My mom is actually 67 and she does have a facebook account! She uses it to keep in touch with family and to look at all the pictures I post. (This is Heidi, just signed in on another account!)

  6. Haha Mike! You're cracking me up!

  7. Kudos to your Grandma! I hope she stays strong and continues to use the internet for everything that makes her happy. Thank you for the stats on the facebook users, I had absolutely no clue they were that high. At least I feel they are higher than I would have thought. Good job on your post I enjoyed it very much.

  8. My parents love the internet, but refuse to sign up for facebook or myspace. And believe me I have tried. I actually set up an account for my mom and she went online long enough to shut it down..lol
    Apparently they just don't want it, my mother says if she wanted to tell someone how she is doing she will call them....
    How primitive right?? lol