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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did you just say neuter?

How many ads did you see in each medium?

As can be seen below, the internet had 14 ads, newspaper 10 ads, radio 8 ads, television 18 ads, and traveling resulted in 9 ads.

Are you surprised by the volume of advertising you encountered?

I wasn’t really that surprised by the number of advertisements that I ran into. The only mild surprise was the number of ads that television crams into a very short period of time. In the break between the end of one show and the beginning of another seemed to have the highest volume of commercials. Please understand I am working with a very limited number of channels. I am probably one of the only people in this class that still uses an antenna. I had to force myself to sit down and watch TV. It was not enjoyable. I watched Kojak on RetroTV and bounced around to a couple of other stations trying to find commercials. I only have about 6 or 7 channels.

How much attention would you normally have paid to these ads?

The strange thing about the internet is that most of the ads go almost unnoticed during my normal browsing. I rarely pay any attention to them. I can see this being a huge challenge for advertising on the internet. All the other methods of advertisement seemed to stand out a lot more. I would say that the newspaper is running a close second for least noticed ads. Reading the newspaper is a lot like browsing the internet. The ads just don’t really grab your attention like they do on television, radio, and traveling.

How much influence do you think these ads have on the public who views them?

My problem is that I personally hate advertising. I find most of the commercials worthless and irritating. Many advertisers think that they can treat the public like hypnotized zombies. They show a half naked woman and a nice car and men will run out and buy the car. They show an older woman who looks much younger than she is. Then they show her using some anti-aging cream and women run out and buy the cream. Does it work? Unfortunately, it does work in many situations. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t do it. I am often amazed by little mistakes made during the process that can easily result in a reduction of customers instead of an increase. Just for the sake of argument, I will mention the two that stand out in my mind. The first one is an ad for a strip club that mentions their hours and tells people to come on in at lunch time for a nuder (like a nooner except with nude women). Though it was an interesting way of getting your attention, the word neuter keeps popping into my head. I do not think that was the intention. The other ad is also for a strip club. This is a strip club that offers a free Las Vegas style buffet (*vomiting sounds*). I do not know nor do I want to know why anyone would want to consume food from a buffet in a strip club. No offense intended to those who do. I’m just not going with you. Below is my advertising log.

Advertising Log


Hartford Auto Insurance
Best Western
Movie called “Takers”
Chase Ultimate Rewards
Chevy Camaro
Anytime Fitness
Best Buy
Career Builder


Dumbaugh Insurance
First Knox National Bank
Cosby Heating and Cooling
Seavolt Studio
Sam Miller Realty
Rosati Windows
Lanning Foods
Smithhisler Meats
Time Warner Cable
Allstate Insurance


Basement Guys
Private Dancer
Owens Corning
X Show Bar
Safe Auto

Relay Ohio
Everest Institute
Edgewater Place Assisted Living
L’oreal Revitalift
International Delights coffee creamer
Bedrooms First
Front Room Furnishings
American Dental Centers
Elk and Elk Lawyers
Front Room Furnishings
TRESemme Naturals
Lean Cuisine Market Creations
Safe Auto

First Knox Bank
Ohio Rental
Danny’s Auto
State Farm Insurance
Central Ohio Technical College
First Merit


  1. Good observations. I know you don't pay attention to advertising (or think you don't!), but can you think of a better way to pay for our media? Would you be willing to pay to listen to the radio? I know some do, but most do not. Would you pay to access a website?

  2. Kathleen,
    I understand the importance of advertising to our society and to our economy. It fuels the fire. As far as paying for radio or paying for web site access, I would not do that. I'm too cheap spend good money on that. I truly believe that the most effective means of advertising would be product placement. Seeing a particular product being used in a really good movie by someone who exhibits certain desirable characteristics will make a person want to be like them. Also, the effects of a celebrity using a product (in real life) can also greatly influence the youth. Imagine how many young girls started smoking just because they saw a young female pop star smoking. This video has some funny points about advertisement. Be warned, lots of bad language. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AyVh1_vWYQ

  3. Shawn great post and to each his own but man I could not live without my hundreds of channels with nothing on lol. When you mentioned the movie stars using products in movies it reminded me of the scene in waynes world where they were talking about not selling out and garth was dressed from head to toe in Reebok attire eating Pizza Hut and drinking a Pepsi lol what a classic now I want pizza and pepsi...great post