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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canis Lupus Podcast


Podcast Script by: Timothy Murphy

Intro: Music Loop

Host/ (myself): "Hello, Everyone! This is Timothy Murphy; I am coming to you from Heath, Ohio I would like to do an educational discussion on Canis Lupus, or better known as the Grey Wolf." "Wolves themselves are one of our world's last greatest carnivores, they live in the wild, and are the most beautiful animals in all their glory." "Or, to myself anyway, for years I have been fascinated with these creatures, collecting photos from postcards or from family members who have went on vacations to the greater wilderness here in America, but for my better luck I have only been able to see them in television shows and at the zoo, but I know at heart how truly domesticated these once great animals lived so purely amongst the wild." "This is why I choose to give you a little insight on a creature I find so outstanding and breathtaking." When we come back I would like to give you some basic information on a wolf's life and a little more about this wonderful creature after our break." "Thanks for taking the time to tune in and we will be right back!"

Pause/Break: Music Loop

Host / (myself): "Hello again, I would like to begin were we left off introducing you to the world of Canis Lupus or also known as the Grey Wolf." "Grey Wolves were once an abundant species all over Asia and North America but due to their habitat's being destroyed by humans and other natural changes in the world as we and they know it they have been reduced to nature preserves and smaller portions of their habitats in certain areas of North America and now Canada." "This has caused more humans to come into contact with them more than ever due to them seeking for food or new shelter.""Wolves are no longer but once were becoming a much endangered species, they are now protected by International Union for Conservation of Nature or the IUCN.""Although sad to say, some areas do not protect these wolves and allow them to be hunted for sport and left to fend for themselves, this truly is sad, but as a part of nature's cycle and the world of a carnivore." "Wolves live in packs, or what scientists say Nuclear Families, consisting of a mated pair which monopolizes food and breeding rights, followed by their biological offspring and, occasionally, adopted subordinates." "This in laymen's terms means that wolves have a head member of the pack, that leader chooses a mate, and then creates offspring then those offspring and so on till a new leader is choose." "The same cycle would repeat so on and so forth creating the wolf pack in all essence." "Wolves eat only meat and live in very rugged environments; some even create burrows for their mate to bread their offspring or to seek shelter in harsh environments." "Let us take a break and when we continue we will finish our discussion giving you a bit more knowledge on a wolf's life and how they hunt."

Pause/Break: Music Loop

"Continuing were we left off, I would like to finish our discussion on Canis Lupus, or the Grey Wolf." "Before I gave you basically the basic description of a wolf and what it lives like." "This is the most common information you can use when describing a wolf and what it's about.""To finish with I would like to leave you with a few fun facts about wolves and let you leave with some information you can share with your friends and family.""Did you know that a dog in its purest form directly descends as a wolf?" "This is true; wolves once many centuries ago first came in contact with man and as we know became man's best friend later being bread down through evolution creating your average domesticated pet." "Also in folklore wolves have many surrounding myths." "Some are both positive and negative." "This is also as one of children's favorite mythological creatures was created the Werewolf!" "Another fun fact, you may like to know is that wolves teeth are very heavy and large used to crush bone and tear meat, although not as profound as a animal like a hyena's, it's canine teeth have very robust and relatively short widths somewhere around 26 mm." "The wolf itself can develop a crushing pressure of perhaps 1,500 lb/in2 compared to 750 lb/in2 for an animal like a German Sheppard." "The force is sufficient enough to break open most bones, as well as cut through half inch lassos with one snap." "This of course meaning lassos of cattlemen trying to catch them from eating their livestock!" "Well I hope you enjoyed our little descriptive yarn about wolves, a.k.a. Canis Lupus." "I hope you're able to leave here today with a bit more information on this grand species and find interest in them yourself." "Thanks for tuning in, and this has been broadcasted to you by Timothy Murphy on behalf of Mass Media Communications at COTC."

End: Music Loop

[Below is the site that I uploaded my podcast for public viewing.]

C:\Documents and Settings\Timothy Murphy\Desktop\Dropbox.lnk


  1. Im not sure if everyone will be able to listen to the podcast unless you have Dropbox.com yourself, but I will work on this so everyone may listen to it later this week.


  2. Or just go to Dropbox.com, if not I will check with the professor for proper ways to listen to the file.

  3. I attempted to listen to your Podcast and it would not open for me. I will continue to try and look forward to listening to your work.

  4. You have to goto Dropbox.com and create a account and then I can link you once you notify me through email. It's really easy and you can use it to upload and store all kinds of files for school, it's a really great site, just ask Prof. Kinney!

  5. Just wanted to say sorry to a few people that emailed me trying to connect to my link. All you need to do is go to dropbox.com create a quick account for free which you can use for so much with school later on you would be suprised! Once you do so contact me throuhg my class email and I will link you to the folder and you are able to podcast away!!