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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bundy v/s Brady

For this assignment I chose to review the “Brady Bunch” and “Married with Children.” Both of these I was able to find on YouTube (www.youtube.com). The obvious cultural differences have to do with income levels of the two families. Clearly the Brady family is doing well. Mike Brady is an architect and makes a decent income. They are able to afford to keep a full-time house keeper/cook in the house. The Bundy (Married with Children) family is struggling to get by. This episode starts off with Al Bundy sitting at the table paying bills and drinking different stomach remedies. The ethnic make-up of both shows is relatively the same. It is an all white cast. Very early on we can see that the Brady family is a functional family with values. The Brady kids all treat their father with respect and he returns that respect by treating them with love and concern. This is not the case with the Bundy family. Al is treated with a total lack of respect throughout the entire episode. His wife Peggy makes constant jokes about his low income and lack of ability to satisfy her in the bedroom. Kelly, their daughter, is stereotyped into a dumb bimbo. Their son Bud is made fun of by Kelly and Peggy for not being able to get dates other than his hand. The stereotyping in the Brady household seems to center around making fun of the house keeper and Sam the butcher. They are both made to look like dumb people with no formal education. This clearly is being done to attempt to teach the youth watching the show to want more out of life than just a high school diploma. It feels like they are telling you that if you go to college and get an education you will have kids who respect you and be well off. The only similarity I could find had to do with the lesson of education. Al Bundy is a high school graduate with no formal education, just like the butcher and housekeeper. He makes very little money and is miserable in his life. I do not believe the original intention of the Bundy show was to promote higher education. It just worked out that way. I really enjoyed blasting to the past and seeing the goofy way the Brady family lived. I had completely forgotten how corny it really was. The laugh tracks were the worst part of it. Every time someone said something that was meant to be funny the laugh track would kick in. After watching about a half hour of show I could feel the laugh track eating at my brain. Seeing “Married with Children” again was also quite enjoyable, even if the acting is horrible.


  1. Shawn,
    I don't think I would have ever thought that I would see the Brady's and the Bundy's in the same blog! As a kid, I watched the Brady's and if I see it now, I have to say that it is a blast from the past and unbelievably corny! How much more different can you get with the cultural backgrounds than these two shows? Great post!

  2. Shawn, I never watched the Brady Bunch but I did watch alot of Married with Children and you are right Al Bundy did have quite the miserable life. A wife that doesnt work, two kids that make him crazy lol its a great show and I dont care what your life is like you can watch that show and relate in someway to it. As far as the Brady's go I never watched it I always thought it was to fantasy like no one's life is that perfect lol. good comparison

  3. Andie, thank you. I really did enjoy breaking out the oldies for this blog. If you search on Youtube.... you can find a retro oldies TV person that posts entire episodes of old shows. It was pretty cool.

  4. Cowboy,
    You should really check out the Brady Bunch. It will make you realize how crazy some people were back then. They felt like making family life look perfect made all family life perfect. Family life is good. But actors are about as fake as they can be. Did you know that the man who played Mike Brady (the Dad) is a gay man? Nothing wrong with that, but he was definitely not the what people expected back then.