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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anderson week 9 Internet

I was first introduced to the internet about twenty years ago, That statement made me feel old! I use the internet every day now. I never used to feel the need for the internet as much as i do now. My immediate family is very internet savvy, but my parents on the other are not. I was first exposed to the web when i was in middle school. When the teachers began setting up for the computers it was very exciting because back then computers were the latest thing.

Some of the ways my family and I use the internet are for school, for entertainment, for shopping, and to find various activities to do, and to find lodging when we are going on a trip. We also love to listen to music on the internet.

I called my mother and father this morning and asked them about their usage of the internet. My mother has no knowledge of computers whatsoever, and does not care to. It is not a part of her life in any way, other than when she is here she some times will ask me to look at pictures on my sisters face book page. my mother does not even know how to get on the internet and does not want to know about it really.

My father has been using computers and the internet for many years but still does not have the proper knowledge of how to use them. My father was first exposed to computers at his job. His position at his most recent employer was called a qc person. He held that position for 42 years until he retired. This meant that he did checks on machines at his job every hour, and the put the information into the computer for evaluation. My dad also does some work for his church on the computer. My father seems to run most programs with ease, but could use some help when it comes to the internet. He makes a cleaning list in microsoft. My father could be so great on computers if he took a course or two.

There of course is a great divide between my parents and I when it comes to the internet. They could care less if the internet were destroyed tomorrow, and I use it every single day and it is very vital to my success. One of the similarities is that my father and I both were exposed to the computer for purposes other than entertainment, and I believe we both had the opportunity to broaden our horizons and I did and he did not.

I am not sure if the divide between generations will ever change, since there is such a gap. I do know that the education is out there for all to receive if they want it bad enough.

The social effects this divide may have when multiplied across the larger scale of society could be that the older generation may feel inferior the younger generation. The gap could also cause the older generation to be left behind, when it comes to what is going on and the way the world is changing. This could cause a problem between younger and older generations. the internet gap is not easily fixed but the classes are out there for all ages.


  1. Sarah,

    Your dad sounds like my dad! After my mom passed away, we got him a computer and he used to send us emails and all kinds of fun stuff. He'd had a stroke so it was very hard to understand him and he was a little self-conscience about his speech, so he used to use the computer to communicate with us. He used them in his job, so, he understood how to use them and was able to self-teach himself a lot of the programs and the internet. Good post!

  2. That is nice. I never thought of the computer as a way to communicate for someone who is self conscience about the way they speak very interesting and resourceful.

  3. Sarah good post your mom sounds alot like my dad. He could care less about the internet or computers and I feel he is afraid to even touch one. However, he does sometimes ask me to look up things on google or the history channel.