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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Age Web

The internet is a very big part of our society and generation. It is a useful resource that can be used for so many different reasons and in different ways. Business, Research, Social interaction, and fun.
I was first exposed to computers and the internet when I was around thirteen. I loved everything about computers, and Chat features were my favorite. Granted things have still progressed a lot on those levels too. I am the "baby" of my family so honestly I was the only one in the house that used the computer, and knew how to turn it on. I purposely took a computer typing and computer word processing classes my last couple years of high school, but now days the kids are required. At this point, most of them already know most of what they are going to teach them anyways because teens are so in tune with all kinds of technology these days anyways. I am amazed that they are helping with the school web-site and doing the graphic angle of it as well. That wasn't even an option when I was in high school.
It has been around fifteen years since I first started using the computers and web, and I have came a long way. There aren't too many days that I don't use my laptop. Which our house has four. My daughters that are five and seven, know how to turn on the computer and get into their own individual folders, favorite folders on the internet, and put in educational cd rom games. It is monitored of course, but we feel that computers are such a huge part they should know how to use one. (They have them in the classroom in the Kindergarten and Pre-school classes too!) .. This is Crazy! Maybe because thinking back we still took naps in Kindergarten, let alone play with anything electronic.
As I was saying, I use the internet every day on my laptop, on my phone, at work, for school, and to "facebook" when I get the chance to.
When I had to call someone that was over fifty, I immediately thought of my mother. She makes me smile so much, and I always try to be patient with her. She gets so frustrated with opening attachments, can't attach things, and sometimes needs help registering on web-sites, at least that is how it started a couples years ago. Back in her day, she used a type write and word processer, which basically looked like a nice electronic typewriter to me ( I used to play around with it). She has came along way, I take the time to write step by step everything down for her, and set up Favorites and Shortcut icons and other one click items so it would be easy. Now she knows how to do all of that, and has her own facebook account! She likes to use the computer now, and knows how to use and search the internet among other things, I am So proud of her! She still doesn't like if something goes wrong with a site or computer though.
It is hard when you aren't use to something, and new things are not only introduced but overtake everything it seems. The internet and technology has basically done this. Every where you look, and almost everything you do is on the internet today. Bill paying, shopping, databases, etc.

To some extent I think there is a divide between generations. A common stereotype is that senior citizens or "older" people, highly dislike the internet and computers. They think they are impersonal and don't like the change. Where younger people do everything on the internet, like I already stated. There are those though that do want to learn, and take the time to catch up.
I do think that over time this divide will eventually fade and close. As time goes on, technology just continues to spread and grow into this amazing thing. More people of any age will use it, and will depend on it. One day we will be the senior citizens, while new items are being introduced, and hopefully we will still have an open mind then.


  1. nice post. Fifteen years, me too lol. I also thought of my mother when we were required to call someone over the age of 50. My mother gets so frustrated that she does not even try any more. Could you imagine how life would be if we were introduced to computers just twenty years earlier than we were?

  2. I appreciate your confidence in the generation gap closing, regarding the use of computers. That is a very optimistic attitude to take and I agree with you. Your notation of the "common stereotype" referring to seniors is quite accurate. I am not familiar with the area I live in but I know that throughout other parts of the United States the community centers they have established for the elderly give free computer lessons. I feel that to be quite admirable in knowing we have the resources to assist these persons to become familiar with the internet and computers. Good post, I really enjoyed the read.

  3. Sarah: Thanks for the comment! Yes it is hard to imagine what it would be like if computers were introduced to us all twenty years sooner! My mother too gave up for a while. Until I wrote down step by step what she should do. After she calmed down, she tried again and could do it, but feared losing the instructions! :) After a while though, the more she tried, she could do it without the step by step instructions. Everything just takes practice, the more they try the easier it will get eventyally.

  4. Monica: Thanks for your post too! I do believe that the generation gap could eventually close. Everyone could use computers, and the internet if they would just try. There is a saying "If you don't succeed, Try Try Again." Maybe this should be on a book, for those just getting started. I think a lot of older people are concerned with breaking or doing something wrong on the internet or computer. At least I have heard a lot of these comments. I believe that most times, even if you mess up or go somewhere you don't want to, it can be fixed.
    I too, think that the places set up to teach those that need and want to be taught how to use a computer and internet is a great resource.

  5. I too find myself accessing the web at least once a day, and sometimes you feel like you may have missed a important deadline or some piece of information some where without having gotting in touch with your email or some other communication system we now have thousands of ways to access in this new generation.
    Great Post!