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Thursday, August 12, 2010


While on my advertising adventure I noticed some significant differences.

Traveling: Milliron Recycling
Medicare Health Care

Infusium 23 Hair Product
Swiffer Sweeper
Tresemme Naturals Hair Product
Time warner cable

The only advertisements that would be on here would be pop-ups and all mine are blocked. As for going to a website and seeing their advertisment, it would be on the right side and advertising a product. I don't think advertising on the internet is worth it.

Windstream Cable
Giant Eagle Fuel perks
John Hinderer Honda
Meijer Song for school supplies
Giant Eagle Foods

Tire Discounter
Time warner Cable
Houses for Sale
Cars for sale
Josie's Frozen Yogurt

With this outcome, I am not surprised. There is advertising all around us. I think it's to the point where we just block it out and we don't even know we are seeing advertisement. Before doing this assignment, I never pay attention to ads unless it catches my eye. If im driving, I normally never pay attention to ads on the road. I think this is the case for most people because paying attention to the road is more important. There are definetly a lot more ads on the television and radio than any other. Radio is a huge source of advertisement. For me, I believe this is the best way to advertise to people. When people are driving to work and coming home from work, they listen to the radio. I think these ads do influence people. Expecially the ones that are on the radio and they give you a number to call. If someone has a far drive to work, they get bored and will think they want/need something. Something I would do!:) Advertising is good to a point, but I think too much is overwhelming. By saying overwhelming, I mean like watching a tv show and every ten minutes they have commercial breaks. This can be very frustrating. Overall, I think I am going to start paying attention to more ads and being more alert.


  1. Karoline,
    I never thought about what you said regarding the radio and while you are driving. I'm not much of a "button changer" while listening to the radio so I can see what you are saying about being bored and thinking about the product as you drive. Good insight!

  2. Yeah I don't really like to change the radio station, so when I do hear something and when they talk about it for awhile, it makes me wonder and want to buy it. :) This is a badddd problem lol