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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As I sat and watched yet another episode of spongebob squarepants to the delight of my five year old I began logging what I saw when the commericals came on. I usually get subjected to hours of Nickelodeon programming so most of the commericals that I saw pertained to toys of the various shows on, new shows that were coming up like iCarly, Victorious and Big Time Rush. There were also ads for Nickelodeon Studious in Florida where families can vacation.

The radio ads were a little difficult since I usually listen to my mp3 player in the truck to avoid the commericals. However, I tuned into the Blitz and there were the same old ads for various bars in Columbus as well as gentlemens clubs, upcoming concerts, events and of course with football season just a few weeks away the DJ's were pumping up the Buckeyes.

I dont normally read the newspaper so I picked one up yesterday and read it from front to back. Amongst the comics I found a lot of advertisements in the classified section. The normal Help wanted, personals, lost and found, pets, sporting equipment, guns, home furnishings, houses for sale/rent, auctions and garage sales. There were also ads for Stihl lawn equipment such as chainsaws, and weedeaters, there was an ad for amish made fireplace mantels and if you purchased a gas fireplace they gave you a mantel for free. With the upcoming winter season it appears that they are pushing for the keep yourself warm with little cost angle.

I donot see any ads on billboards while driving at all. My route to work is all country roads so the only advertising I really see is homemade signs that read free kittens or puppies. I have one cat and two kids so that is enough for me.

Internet ads are the ones that I was exposed to the most. Since I am on the internet almost all the time I see ads for various things depening on the website. When I was on facebook I saw ads for games that you can play such as Fronteirland, or Yoville. When I went to www.nfl.com there were ads for the NFL shop where you could buy fan gear to support your team. Anything you can imagine had your teams logo on it. Coffee cups, jerseys, t-shirts, alarm clocks etc... you can even customize your own t-shirt or jersey.

The ads on t.v., the radio, and the internet were the most abundant as these are the most popular mediums people use everyday. Although the newspaper and billboards are still relevant their effectivness and range to influence and reach people is minimal compared to the other three. I am not really suprised by the volume of ads except on the radio, it seemed after every two or three songs they had 10 minutes of advertisments so it was more like listening to one long commercial rather than music which is irratating to me. Ads on the internet cannot be avoided, they are on every websites home page no matter what. It is usually something relevant to the page you are on such as the NFL shop when I was on the NFL website looking at the current news around the league. T.V. has always had an abudance of commercials but I noticed that the volume on kids stations is more than adults. I assume its becuase kids are more easily influenced than adults and their attention span is much less so they can squeeze in more ads. I dont really pay attention to commercials, when I listen to the radio I change stations when they go to break or change the channel when a commercial comes on or get up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat...or change a diaper, get a peanut butter sandwich or put a grumpy someone down for her nap. The ads on the internet I pay attention to since they are right there and difficult to ignore. I am not sure how much influence these ads have to be honest I dont really pay attention to commercials much. However, I feel that kids are easily influenced as my 5 year old wants every toy they advertise or every sugar filled chocolate ceral pushed by a bird that needs a chill pill. As for adults I feel that most ads do their job for awhile and then the company has to come out with a new ad or it becomes old and stale and listners tune it out. People need something new to get their attention. Depending on the station of the radio, the channel of the t.v. or the domain of the internet page the ads are relevant to their target audience and try and sell products or services that are relevant to that audience so the effectivness of them is based on how well the company researches its audience and makes a commercial that captures that audiences attention.


  1. At least you watch Spongebob because of your children...my son watches Spongebob because of me! lol.

    Overall, great post though!

  2. Speaking of Spongebob... I was at an outdoor event last Saturday night, and I noticed a kid eating an ice cream treat on a stick... shaped like Spongebob! Another creative form of advertising?

  3. How bad does your 5 year old want to go to the Nick Hotel after watching that commercial? LOL. (There is only so much Spongebob I can stand, but I am the minority on that in my house!) They show those commercials when the school-aged kids are watching so they can start bugging their parents...

  4. Good observations! You say you don't pay attention to ads on the Internet, but do you think they sneak into your brain just because you see the same ad over and over?

  5. Thank you all for your comments, my two daughters subject me to hours of Nickelodeon everyday so school and work are my only escape from it lol. However some of the shows I can watch hours of becuase they put some adult humor in. As for the ads on the internet I do believe they sneak in because they flash or on a loop and sometimes you cant help but click on them.

  6. Wow! I never really knew how many people are stuck like me watching kids shows. I am divorced and its scary that there are times my son is at his mothers buy yet I still turn on his shows. I guess its habit and almost relaxing to hear iCarly in the back ground when hes not here. Sad I know.